3:47 PM, Sunday, October 20th, 2013:
What the hell do I write about every year on this day? May be more interesting when the kids can talk...
 Awwwww. We're pretty cute. And Talya is pretty tired of being pregnant. LOL. I think that's how I'll remember this video in the future. 2 years of being pregnant is just, exhale, exhausting. She's always tired. Not that it will get a lot easier with 2 rugrats runnin' around, but man - she just wants to be active again without wheezing. Soon enough, hon...
So yup, 3 years ago today (shit, yesterday... I was lazy and didn't get this up - ha) I met Talya and for those that don't know, the entire story of the day was posted in 2011, still blows me away...
...and truth be told that's kinda what this day is becoming: both of us shaking our heads. Chills. The more we live this fairy-tale life, the more we realize how easily it could've flown past us. It's strangely unnerving and humbling to realize just how little control you have sometimes. I'm just so fortunate to have had my personal life reach the heights of my professional life and then sustain... whereas the former crashed as quickly as it rose. Everything seemingly fell into place and in a couple months we complete our family? A girl and a boy? Wow. It's almost too much.
In fact, I said as much last year:
"Alright, most likely this will be the last "Starbucks" entry for a couple of years. Our family will make the pilgrimage yearly (much to our children's annoyance I'm sure), but it isn't really "entry worthy" each year. I hate repeating myself (funny from mr. marriage), and really - how many times can I write about this? But it seemed special (if not astounding) that on the 2 year anniversary of meeting Talya we are married with a child."
...but of course now she's pregnant with Cameron and next year we'll HAVE Cameron... and the year after that both Vienna AND Cameron will be talking, so... it's a tradition. It'll be fun to watch us change. :-)
Alright - this is a GolfKon Tournament week! So I have some work to do. Can't wait! This will be an 8-player bracket as opposed to the 4 player finals, so a lot of upsets should happen - ANNNNNNNNND - everyone will be in costume. KICKASS. Indiana Jones makes a comeback but doesn't nearly kill himself! Yay!
(sigh) What a loooooong strange trip it's been.