11:45 PM, Friday, August 31st, 2012:
I can no longer feel my hands. I'm typing by memory. Ha.
In all seriousness, as someone who has always known he could push his body far? I'm exceeding everything I ever thought possible. Followed tomorrow by two more 6am to midnight (18 hour days) and one mad-dash 6am to 3pm on Monday to get ready for a Labor Day deadline I made for myself. And whhhyyyyyyy did I make this deadline? Because this goddamn pipe needs to be covered and finished before I start on Jimmy's bathroom/kitchen all of which has to happen BEFORE THE BABY COMES and HOLY shit we're 5 minutes from September how the balls can that be and will I ever find the punctuation to end this sentence... Here: !$@$%&$#
The video:
Wow I'm really tired at the end of that. LOL. That was today and of course I continued all day until now. And now are you ready for this? (sigh). I'm already defensive. I'm about to tell you this and can already hear the giggles. LOL.
So I'm mapping out the greens before I start cutting and I'm realizing that with the excess the guy gave me (seriously, I needed 3x12 feet for one piece and he rolled out 4 feet 3 inches x 12. Uhm...) I am gonna be left with a shitload. Enough to make at least another full hole. But, what the hell do you do with 7 holes? You either do 9 or let it go. With 6 you could at least play it 3 times for 18. I liked that. But the next step is 9 and I'm NOT taking up anymore space. So I sat and looked at the original 3 for probably a half hour. It feels like that's all I do sometimes: look. I didn't want to take up anymore space but I didn't want some cheap hole when suddenly I had an epiphany. Check out the :50 mark of the first GolfKon video for what I'm talking about...
If I raised the tee box for hole 2 and put a hole underneath it? I could go BACKWARDS for two holes. Easily. One from the opening of 3 (which no one ever used to save par, everyone loves the ramp) and the second by making a tee box above the current hole where the bridge is. Voila. 2 more holes, with minimal work and ZERO extra space. I was making 3 holes on the new deck anyway (the third being a pyramid - evil hole), so I just make 2 in that same space. And just like that, there are 9. And I am done. ;)
LMAO. Defensive right? It's all problem solving and it's all because of that foosball table!!! Which I still haven't fixed so wtf. Ugh. Totally unplayable on the deck 'cause I need some screws for the last couple of guys. Too busy building min-golf holes. I can't believe "Making it Six" became a defense for "Making it Nine." Well, yes I can.
Alright, I have to get to sleep. 45 hours of work awaits me this Labor Day weekend. Funny, I did the same thing 10 years ago, didn't I?
<Checks The Journey: (Nope, 2003, Entry #268)>
Man, I used to know every Journey month by instant recollection. I guess I knew eventually that skill would fade. Heh. Woah, that's almost exactly 1000 entries ago. Cool. Alright, JESUS wasn't I going to sleep like 4 sentences ago?