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9:57 PM, Tuesday, September 2nd 2003:
We'll call this one Adam's Law. 'Cause it has more to do with my stupid idea of how things should be - and then actually saying them. I knew almost immediately after the words left my mouth that I pretty much killed my day. I'll explain.
So last Sunday Night had some guys over to play some video games. I had spent the last 2 1/2 days laboring over the year long free lance project, it was finally done and I emailed a version for final approval. I actually had a Monday off to just relax. Was gonna practice Live Adam throughout the day and just chill. Ended up playing Monkey Golf until 6 in the friggin' mornin'. I swear man - video golf has a strange addictive quality to it that is so hard to explain. Even Jess gets into it. There's that twinge of "Oh, I can do that better..." (so integral to videogames) - that golf has written all over it.
At one point during the night, we were all talking about having Labor Day off and how ironic that was. I mentioned that it should really be the one day we absolutely kill ourselves. 'Cause it's good to work your ass off WAAAAAAY too hard every now and then. The more I thought of it the more I realized that it would probably become a cool tradition to have one day a year that you work as hard as you possibly can.
But oh well - not this year, I'm chillin' the hell OUT. I didn't want to see another video editng timeline for at least a month. And why oh why did I have to say that.
Get to sleep around 6:15 - and think I hear the phone around 10:30. Get up, it's my mom - so we chat for a bit. Soon interrupted by an instant message pop-up from my partner for this video gig. Total moment of ethics man...I wanted to go back to sleep SOOOOOOO bad. And I just knew this wasn't gonna be good. I was gonna be working half the day on the changes...but I also knew we were under a serious deadline so every second counted. Ends up I have to start from scratch. Partly my fault as I took a risk that they'd like it a diffferent way - but this is easily a multi-day piece. And from complete scratch? A 15-20 minute piece - a fast one at that: it's popopopopopopop. AND it has to be overnighted the following morning the 2nd. It was literally going to take me 18 hours to pull this off. So I started the process...
In my life (seriously, even though I've said this about Trinitrons or other things) - 12 hours has never passed quicker. I've done long editing projects before, but it's always interrupted by little moments of rendering. You put something together and then you wait for a bit for an effect to render or a piece...maybe for compression - something. But this was as fast and as hard as my pea-brain could handle. Gathering hundreds of video pieces and music, and sound bites and testimonials - it was so constant. Didn't eat, certainly didn't sleep - and at close to midnight I was I thought. 3 more hours of dealing with audio issues that I'm still not thrilled about. Sucks. Then of course work at 7. Son of the bitches.
But it really comes down to me opening my big mouth the night before. "Hey! Why don't we work really hard on labor day?" (sigh) Mental labor's a bitch too because as fried as I am right now? I still have sooooooo much to pull off before I leave on Saturday. Looking forward to tomorrow though. Gonna rehearse Live Adam all day and test the equipment for the show. Easy. Fun. Not stressful. Damnit - there I go again with my big mouth. Damnit.
Damn - how am I still awake? And today's the worst too...'cause the night after no sleep is usually hibernation time.Your body makes up for it. So getting ANOTHER 3 or 4 hour sleep night is just silly. I'm goofy tired. My short-term memory at work today was the equivalent of a 5 year old. Every few minutes I would think: "Why am I standing here?" By the time I walked to the file cabinet - I would completely forget what the hell I was looking for. That grew frustrating pretty quick. Yup, just standin' there looking at files... zero clue what I should tell my brain next.
But it was worth it. The "Band of Gold" (is that a killer wedding band name or what?) got a really good production. In fact, I gotta take a minute and talk about this band. Tightest wedding band ever. So well rehearsed, so well executed, so varied - incredible. 8 piece band - 6 of them sing. Always the key to a strong band in my opinion - it's the key to pulling off every song ever written, and this band can do it. I was so impressed with them that my first take at their production was overly song heavy just because I thought people NEEDED to hear this band kick it. Impressive, first-rate all-around. Check 'em out. And of course if you're in the New York/New Jersey area and are planning a big event - go to the site: - quite a band.
Labor Day. Heh, I'll never look at it the same again. Now I'm gonna SLEEEEEEEEEP.