8:46 PM, Sunday, July 22nd, 2012:
I think the video sums up my feelings pretty well...
Sounds like the cranky old man needs to eat something, huh? LOL. But, it's really interesting to me what the difference is between losing weight at 25 and losing weight at 36. 11 years ago it was this video:
All around happiness, excitement, support. Seemed only my Greek grandparents tried to feed me. Now with the advent of Facebook? Jesus. It's hate, hate, hate. Again, it doesn't really matter to me - I'm happy and the people around me are happy but there's this A.D.D. world of reactionary judgement that has permeated "the internet" that I'm just sad about. 11 years ago? You read the entire entry. You read several long entries and got a ton of information. In fact, 1132 entries ago you read this. That's not 140 characters, it's not a status update and with good reason. Brotha lost 50 fucking pounds. And this time, brotha lost 40 fucking pounds. But the hist just keep on coming. Somebody at the baby shower (which Talya and I both ignored) actually said:  "You did this while your pregnant wife was gaining weight? Did you ever think about how she felt about that?" in a completely snotty "you inconsiderate husband" sort of way. (sigh) for the second time on this site I will reiterate this point:
Talya is thrilled I'm staying fit. It means she will return to her Pilates-Instructor fit form right away because I'm maintaining those habits now. I was 190 at the start of her 2nd trimester. Can you fathom what I'd be if I "let go"? And then when the baby comes we're both trying to get back in shape? This was done for MY FAMILY. This was done to set an example and to break a Generations-long Kontras cycle of weight battles. And you have the audacity that I somehow didn't consider Talya's feelings? That being supportive means gaining weight WITH her? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. I just have no time for that conversation and ignored it... but it was brought up before and it goes along with all the other comments: "You look tired", "you look ill", "no more weight loss, ok?". I'll give everyone the benefit of the doubt here and admit this. The difference between 150 pounds when you're 25 and 150 pounds when you're 36? Your skin sags. This picture?