9:46 AM, Thursday, July 28th, 2011:
Who knew the Smurfs would delay this until the next day? Talya's father had a screening of The Smurfs" at 5pm he wanted me to go to so we could talk... and I didn't get home until after midnight. I think I performed well. Heh. So did The Smurfs, I guess. I pretended I had my kid next to me and I figured they would've liked it however there is nothing in it for adults. But the 3D was well done.
Of course this was after the big HBO meeting and here's the video...
What, like I was videotaping the lunch? LOL. And at the fancy Wilshire in Santa Monica to boot. I remember vividly someone visiting LA for the first time seeing that street and proclaiming:  "Wilshire! That's Famous!" (pronouncing it Wil-Shire as opposed to Wil-shure) It was very endearing. Always springs to mind when I see the street...
I'm struggling with how to explain how it went only because these things rarely go badly. Well, Charlotte set one up with the Director of Casting at Paramount that most definitely did go badly (LOL - had totally forgotten about this - a few paragraphs down) OK so other than that. You can't really screw up a meeting. The act of them being willing to meet you and then saying they'll watch the movie is the "win". But you guys don't want THAT. Not after 12 years. You want to know how this one moment will be a crossroads to lead to THE BIG TIME. :-) I'm good at playing that game.
I'm being anonymous with her name because I'm trying to be professional but I realize a sleuthy googler could take parts of several entries and most likely figure it all out. This is why doing "The Journey" is quite difficult in this town. All the good shit has to be vague until it's over. The truth is, that's how it usually feels to me. HA. Constant vagueness and suddenly, it's all over.
So Laura had already given her a couple of videos including the trailer and she was impressed. I tried to give an overview of all the things that had happened in the ten year period and she was first interested in my representation. I mentioned Charlotte's name to the familiar sight of pensive negative head shakes as no one has ever heard of her, seriously in 11 years no one in the industry ever has. And of course I do need a manager. It's too many talents with too little direction. We talked about the career ups and what brought them down. How Laura's sister was involved at Paradigm, but that everything was dependent on it getting picked up by Comedy Central. You're struck with not wanting to say too much to ruin the film, but you're sitting at lunch - ya gotta say something.
I had the seared albacore salad... yum.
I continued to delve into the heart of the film and she does what most people do when they hear the story - they want to figure out how to make it all work! Fuck focusing on the past - you just need this one piece! And you'll be there! And to that I say:  "Well fuck yeah... let's go!" So we'd talk about that for a bit and she seemed genuinely interested in who she could talk to. Comedy development at HBO, etc. She just has a big web. That's what these meetings are about. The bigger webs talk to the bigger fish, etc. It's why during Comedy Central, Paradigm was helping me speak with 3 Arts and so on... they all play in big circles. The lower rung circles rarely do. At the end of all the scheming, I was left saying: Once you've seen the movie? It will trigger everything...
...and that is really at the crux of getting someone of her stature to agree to watch it. Because once you do? You are almost pushed to figure out what you can do to balance rebalance the wrongs. Because in a sense? That's what all of the work within The Journey is without the proper spotlight: unbalanced. They are nearly all a series of remarkably close calls that unrelated fate swiped away. There is an appropriate avenue for everything, we just can't see it today. It's like Jon Stewart's career before The Daily Show. I used to watch him in the 90s on MTV, SAST (short attention span theater), he wasn't bad. He just wasn't him. And then he caught his groove on The Daily Show and now it's so clearly his niche, you can't imagine him doing anything else. It's impossible to have seen that avenue in the early 90s. It had to play out and you look back now and go: "Ahhhhh."
It is much the same with me. Even with the successses. When I was doing The Egos on CBS in '06 and '07 it seemed crazy how I had gotten there Before that I could have never imagined the path to get to that, but once I was there? It made sense. That path may not make sense now in '11. It's honestly the most spiritual part of art - you don't control which angle will lead you where. You simply do, your, art. Get it into the hands of the people that sell art... and hopefully you find a path.
Quick aside, because for some reason when I explain my way - people assume that means I think it's the only right way. Couldn't be further from the truth, especially in the field of "art". It's just what's right for ME. Some people are very good at making their art FIT the sellers. The have a keen sense of what is being bought and can create that piece (be it music/comedy/paintings). That is indeed a skill and one that fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it? Doesn't move or interest me. Now clearly because of my success I've nailed it a few times, but it's only because I created so much and picked out those parts that fit. As I've explained before, I feel... and then I emote through writing, songs, videos, comedy... because I'm moved to. And with The Journey? I'm just telling a story, trying to capture moments. If I'm angry I capture it, not to entertain or to sell it, but to be honest to the story. Every now and then I think something that comes from that is sellable and I scheme ways to get that seen or work it into a pitch, etc. And now, as a whole? I think the STORY of CREATING that art is absolutely sellable. Maybe moreso than the pieces within. Time will tell.
After the meeting I do feel that her watching it will spur a bunch of things. It's the first time I've ever handed something to someone and not felt the need to say:  "BUT OH, AND I DO THIS!". It's all there. We can all rest easy knowing that someone with a giantic reach in a big circle wants to help, and is holding every possible avenue. I'm not sure which way it will go, but I have the utmost faith that it's going to.
By the end of the lunch we were just talking about goofy things and ooh, I spotted Larry Hagman at the table next to me. Weird, 3rd time I've seen JR out and about. And since I started the whole HBO thing a couple entries back with a stupid grade school joke: (Do you have HBO? -- Yes -- You have Human Body Odor?!?) this seems a fitting time to end on another one.
"How many letters in the alphabet?"
"No, 22 - JR was shot and ET went home"