12:33 PM, Friday, June 24th, 2011
The world through a native Californian's eyes. How fun is that? Can you imagine never seeing a firefly before? Or catching one? Or throwing it on the ground and smearing it across the driveway and seeing how long it glows?
1) Firefly Surreality
Talya had only ever seen fireflies on the Pirates of the Carribean ride at Disneyland. <shakes head> So imagine her gasps as wisps of light flashed in the distance. I mean, if you think about it - it really is pretty amazing. What an unbelieveable quirk of nature. How many stages of evolution produced that? They're a form of Beetle, but wow... through her eyes - it was pretty damned magical. I instantly grabbed one, slammed it on the ground and smeared it which got the gasp I was looking for.... then a few nights later we had to catch 'em.
2) Did this ever work?
So we caught like 10 of 'em... put them in a jar, and they just... hardly ever glowed. I expected a goddamn strobe light while we tried to sleep, but nothin'. Maybe one light up every 10 minutes. Maybe when they're stressed they just say fuck it and stop communicating? <shrugs> You know, if you're gonna kill 'em anyway - 10 glowing streaks on the ground is a lot more fun. :-) Oh, got some video of the capture:
Ha, Ernie and Ben Folds. That's worth a random...
3) Continuing saga of Gay Ernie
Some things you listen to again after a dozen years and you just shake your head at how ridiculously random they are. Thus is the case with Ernie's duet with Ben Folds from my CD101 days. Check out the mp3 in the entry for the song. I would love for Ben to hear that someday. I added it to the video because it's a really sweet song, and watching us catch fireflies was sweet... it seemed an appropriate song - and then you listen to the lyrics. Ha. I contend that these videos are the ones you watch again and again in the future because they're nice little slices of life. Anyway, I may actually complete the Ben Folds/Ernie video to see if I can't get some traction with it. It's pretty fun.
4) Introducing Numba 2!
Talya and I went to Jess & Jeff's and had a wonderful time. It's funny, every girl post Jess has never had a problem meeting her. They instantly feel at ease and because of The Journey, say they already know her. And honestly, they do. I've spoken volumes about how integral my relationship with Jess was and as everyone will see in the movie, it is the seminal decision of the first decade. We had dinner, played with the Gerber baby... oh yeah:
5) Zoe is the freaking Gerber baby
Ya know how you always tell someone their baby is cute even if the kid is hideous (oh christ I'm so having an ugly baby after this sentence)?. This is not one of those times...
Wow. I mean, come on already. That's unfair to the other babies. ANYWAY...
...played "Apples to Apples" (fun card game) and just laughed and talked. It's so important for me that Talya feels the energy between everyone, but the sad part is? She actually wants to be friends with them and they live a country away. Speaking of really connecting...
6) Lovely Your Heart
Several years ago I met someone who I instantly connected with and have remained good friends ever since. Whereas an ex-wife obviously holds weight, an ex... (wow what exactly WERE we?), not an exclusive "item", doesn't hold the same weight. I'm obviously not going to introduce Talya to every woman I've ever been with no matter how special they were at the time. However, I knew "Lovely" was special and that they would get along. And they really, really did. Talya said as we walked to a car after lunch "aww, I wish we could be friends - maybe she can visit in LA?". It melts my heart for her to be so understanding, and actually take the time to see why certain people are so special to me long after any romantic connection. And ever-proving our connection? She sees the same thing in them that I do. There's zero insecurity in our relationship and I guess this shouldn't surprise me, but the trip is just going so perfectly. Everyone of my friends are genuinely excited to meet Talya and get to know her. It's been wonderful...
7) It's SO GREEN.
What I proclaimed 20 years ago on a trip to Ireland, Talya feels just flying to the midwest. And since it has rained every single day we've been here (and about a month straight before), it is indeed GREEN. And she cannot get over the space. The sizes of the backyards, the amount of land - even around a freaking Wendy's... it's funny, all things I probably said the first time I came back to Ohio after being in LA for a bit. It's just jarring and honestly? A little bit of a bummer. We live in the desert. We just do. If your lawn is green out here? You're a big phat PHONY. 'Cause the daily watering is so cost prohibitive (and actually illegal) that you might as well be prepping a movie set indoors. Grass doesn't grow where it doesn't rain. And boy does it rain out here. Which should be a good thing for the movie except...
8) Weather, really? Again?
Seriously like 40 days straight of rain and apparently on Sunday it's gonna be gorgeous. That coupled with Comfest (and outdoor music and food festival), it seems the weather Gods are gonna bite me again. Last year, an hour before the show started a snowstorm hit and there was a straight up WHITE OUT. Perfect. Heh. But honestly? I'm so happy for the people of Columbus to finally have a sunny day. Though Talya and I are LOVING the rainy weather? People in Columbus look like they're about ready to punch you in the face if you mention it. You can always buy the DVD. :-)
9) DVD hell again.
When I made the first Trinitrons DVD in 2002 I went through an unbelieveable ordeal as authoring DVDs was in its infancy. Who knew that I would go through the same thing 10 years later? Though this time I believe it's a faulty laptop. Either way - it has taken me, I shit you not, over a week of constant attempts at burning and encoding this movie to finally get one disc that I can now make copies of. Unbelieveable. I HATE PHYSICAL MEDIA. Hate it. No longer use it personally as I stream things off harddrives to my TV - even have all of my DVDs on a media server and am selling the physical discs. They're an absolute waste of time and space and goddamnit... will be around for another 10 years without a doubt. Simply so I have to continue to fight with them. May just buy a blu-ray burner for this movie as well. It needs to be seen in HD because it was edited with the big screen in mind. So many little things are missed on DVD...
And finally, Talya and I are now marked in Columbus food Lore. Hard to introduce someone to Columbus without a stop at the Thurman Cafe which is now so freaking busy and famous it's almost not worth it.
And then you have a hamburger (that you have to split, you just do) and you go "oh yeah, that's why." The prices are incredible considering the size of the food and the atmosphere is perfect. Oh, and there's $1 bills everywhere with signatures on them. And now, for as long as it stands, we will be there.
Alright, tomorrow... uhm.. should I say it? Is there anyway I have this up and formatted by the time I do this tomorrow? No. So I'll just make it the final random...
11) The Proposal
It happens tomorrow morning, with the song, in the woods. Was able to upload the song to my site and get her phone to play it and access it without actually having to put the mp3 on her phone. Hell. Yes. She has absolutely no idea and I cannot wait to share it with you all.