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Entry #95
"I wrapped my arms around you as you put yourself inside me til the sun came up..."
What a wonderful song. A good example of having to work with the lyrics that are already there to make a story. You'll notice as well I had to lift chords from other sections of the song to make up for where Ben sang over certain parts. It was a bitch to put together for sure. Probably got more comments on this being a favorite than any other song. Ernie's just so sweet. Heh.
It was to be a 4tvs bit as well, I even started attempting to edit 2 of the TVs, but 4tvs soon thereafter turned into "The Trinitrons" so it never got made.
I wonder what Ben would think of this?
When I broke up with Bert last year,
I really never thought there'd be another one,
Then I met Benjamin, he's made my life complete,
He makes it fun...
All I really wanna say,
Ben's the reason I'm really gay,
I've loved him since I met him, and I met him just in time,
'Cause there was no one there... "Oh I love ya Ben!"
Sometimes I get the feeling,
That I won't be on this planet for very long,
(Oh why ya gotta be such a DOWNER Ben? GEEZ)
I really like it here,
I'm quite attached to it, I hope I'm wrong,
(I hope you're wrong too there buddy)
All I really wanna say,
You're the reason I wanna stay,
(Oh I love you there)
I loved you 'fore I met you, and I met you just in time,
'Cause there was nothin' left,
(You're so sweet there Ben)
I sat here on my suitcase,
In our empty new apartment, 'til the sun went down,
(I remember Ben! Just like it was yesterday!)
And I walked back down the stairs,
With all my bags and drove away, you must be freakin' out,
(I was freakin' out there Ben)
All I know's I (you) gotta be,
Where my (your) heart says I (you) gotta be,
It often makes no sense in fact,
I never understand these things I feel,
Don't Change, your plans, for me,
I won't (please don't), move to LA,
('Cause Sesame Street's taped in New York, and LA's so far away)
The leaves are falling back east,
That's where I'm gonna stay...
"Thank God Ben! I don't know what I'd do without you there Ben!"
"Oh lots of Ahh's, Ahh ahh ahh ahh yeah, life is good, ahhh"
"Woah, woah Ben, don't get so carried away there Ben. There's
still more I need to say to you Ben, 'cause I love ya."
I wrapped my arms around you,
As you put yourself inside me 'til the sun came up,
You are so cute to me,
I really love you, you're my little pup,
All I really gotta say,
Benny Folds you just make my day,
I'll never be without you,
Bert can kiss my ass, he blew his chance away, oh yeah,
You have made me smile again,
In fact I may be sore from it, it's been awhile,
(Hey-O Ben! That's not what you're sore from! HEE HEE HEE)
I know we've been together
Many times before, I'll see you on the other side,
(Other side? Are you turning straight on me Ben?)
Don't Change, your plans, for me,
I won't (please don't), move to LA,
The leaves are falling back east,
That's where I'm (you) gonna stay...
"Oh I love ya Ben! You're the greatest there Ben! You know what there Ben? This looks like the beginning of a great relationship there Ben! Hey-O Ben! Giddy-up!"