Entry #1062
7:28 PM, July 18th 2010:
Just write man. Keep writing.
Just heard from Amy that Andyman died last night. He was vacationing in Michigan and apparently drowned. A call from Molly, his wife, to the station is all the information we have. I immediately went to his Facebook page and saw his last post…
…and proceeded to just lose it. This morning when I read the NYTimes the last story I read was about the "Ghosts of Facebook" on the issue of what to do with the Facebook pages of those who have passed. Spine-chilling coincidences, and to look at that final picture... a punch to the stomach that I can't stop feeling right now. I tuned into CD101, and I called Marty Moose to tell him the news. Marty and I had such a close bond through CD101 doing the Late Show and we were speechless. I finally had to hang up. But now I know I just have to share.
I want to say all the wonderful things Andyman did for the community and how he touched so many people's lives one on one… but the redundancy is too much. I've gained so much reading/hearing other people's recollections that I will simply add my own.
I was the Production Director (in charge of everything on the air other than music) at CD101 for 2 years in the late 90s and worked hand in hand with Andyman who was the Program Director. As well, Andyman let me have my own weekend radio show doing craziness. It totally didn't fit the format of CD101, but he liked me and let me play.
However what I, and everyone at the station will remember about us - was that we went at it. It was always out of love, but I had no problem yelling just as loud as him and we just sparred. A lot of it had to do with the fact that he defended me at nearly every turn. When I did something crazy on my show and it got back to the suits and salesman, they would go to him. If anything was wrong with a commercial, they gave him shit. And believe me, shit went wrong. Even if it wasn't my fault (just as it wasn't his fault) I got Andy's shit. It does indeed roll downhill. And "sparring" is just the best word I can give for it. 'Cause at the end, we just loved each other and were just handing shit back and forth. In fact, I need to put together some of the audio I have that shows that. He said some really nice things on-air about me, and Joe was nice enough to read my comments tonight on the air. Lemme just put it together now.
Ahh, the best emotion. Laughter through tears. So glad Joe read those comments for me, 'cause "Sex with Andy" just doesn't work on it's own right now. Ha. Oh that reminds me of one of my favorite Andyman stories:
I premiered that song on a Friday night without telling Andyman 'cause I was scared he wouldn't let me play it, and it was a pitch-perfect parody song. Andyman is so well respected for his charity work in the community - it was just really risqué. And I'll never forget the Monday morning when Andyman walked into my office…
"Play the song."
"What song?"
"Play the song."
He didn't have to tell me what song, clearly someone told him about it and he didn't catch it. So I brought it up on the computer and held my breath. He just stood there. As each cring-worthy verse came up I looked for any facial expressions and finally after "I feel like I just shit a chair" I got a smirk, and he turned away just a bit to hide it. He listened to the entire thing… took a breath and then walked out of my office. HA. He didn't say a word, and I certainly didn't ask about it and just played that bitch EVERY SHOW I COULD. Considering that yelling at me was a sport for him - for him to say nothing spoke volumes. He clearly liked it and I ended up using it in my 4tvs gig. I played at his bar a few months later with my 4tvs act and singing that one was quite a joy.
This could literally continue forever. I will probably do randoms for the rest of my life with stories. He was bigger than life and I loved being around him. Every time I would visit CD101 in the last 10 years he would let out a yell (which still made the hair on the back of my neck stand-up) and he'd immediately start showing me all the cool stuff that had changed since the last time I was there. He made you feel so goddamned special and hearing everyone's recollections simply makes your heart break because he touched everyone in the same distinct way.
I feel so honored I got to spend so much time with him. I'm so happy that I didn't back down and went at him like a brother. I know he respected that and in the end? The station always sounded better. I miss that family so much (this year of all years) and truly have to wonder if I'll ever feel anything like it again. I'm afraid I know the answer to that already. If you'd like to read and listen to more about the late show and CD101 please click this:
That's the when I released the CD101 section of The Journey. Gives a nice overview and a link to all 101 entries at the bottom. So fun to listen to. It sounds clichéd but there is absolutely a hole in my heart. I had no idea how precious a figure he was to me until he was ripped away. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and those grieving at the station right now. Tomorrow is going to be a such a difficult day as everyone goes through their shifts for the first time.
So to Andy, I will just say thank you for making everyone feel so welcomed and loved. I am going to do my best each day to do the same with everyone I meet, though I will fail miserably compared to you. Big shoes brother, big shoes. Rest in Peace. And one more shot of you announcing at the Chill Games.
Hell Yes. Love you man.