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3:27 PM, Tuesday, December 22nd, 2007:
Where on earth do I start with this?
I think the best thing I can say to prepare you for what you will experience if you attempt to go on "The CD101 Journey", is that I am not 32 in those entries. It's both the most refreshing and most surreal aspect of listening to and watching some of these bits again - it's a different person. And that's the special thing about The Journey - you do it long enough, and one day you are literally in awe of how different you are. That was always my intention with my chronic chronicling, but nowhere does it beat you over the head like this.
That's also what makes it an absolute - BLAST to go through. I've never had so much fun doing so much work in my life. It's 101 stories and bits that simply make you shake your head. I had all of them playing in a random loop (nearly 6 hours) for the majority of the time it took me to put this together and there are moments where you just have to stop what you're doing and really listen because you can barely believe what you're hearing.
This entry's video is a testament to that. In an effort to piss off a cashier... nah I won't ruin it - just watch it. LOL. Oh and be sure to watch to the end for a new website that I'll be pimpin' next month. Just might make something out of "The Journey" after all...
So newcomers to all this radio stuff need an overview to attempt to even be interested - and the show's premise was really quite simple and sincere. At had a clear arc...well, straight up and then CRASHING down, but the progression is very simple. I was friends with the promotions guy (Randy Malloy) and he'd find a way for me to have tickets and giveaways (not customary for overnights) and week after week, I would just throw it out there: "What would you do for ____ ?" It's a format that almost always delivered something you just had to listen to.

And it truly became an event. By the end of the first year of The Late Show there were 10-15 people there each show all wanting to be part of, or at least watch, everything that was going on. There'd be food, music obviously, basketball games in the big room - oh yeah, there was a big room where bands performed with a b-ball hoop:
That's me playin' hoops with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy...
It was a huge party every Friday night and you never knew what was gonna happen next. Just how bad did these people want the Rolling Stones tickets? Throw in competing with other listeners to do the most outrageous thing, you can imagine that it got... well to put it mildly - it got pretty fucked up. Then add-in to the mix that we were trying desperately to piss off a late night cashier (all of whom have literally seen it all, especially after our show) and you just can't imagine how many crazy things we did.

And of course with an open-ended format like this...you eventually go too far. Amazingly the show ran exactly one year as I was suspended for my 1 year anniversary show that would've kicked off year 2. What a way to go out. I ended up just giving it all up on the spot (what a ballsy move) to pursue 4tvs... a move that to this day I don't think Marty has ever truly forgiven me for. HAHAHAHA. And then there's that whole aspect of the 101 Journey...

As much as it was an event/party for everyone... for Marty Moose it was a serious passion.  He was there every single show (except for one he was barred from for breaking some shit on a totally unrelated day - lol) and was my eyes and ears for the bits away from the studio. He was in his element. He's always been the behind-the-scenes guy and as loyal as can be. We were both living this crazy year of our lives together and we're probably the only two people on the planet that know how it really felt. They're our "College Frat" memories. They're the "good ol' days" and someone in their 20's should be so lucky as to live 'em like this...
...and then there's the Parody Songs. Probably some of my best (and most difficult) work I've ever done. I had no backing tracks, I had to edit and loop the actual songs and/or rhyme over top of the lyrics already sung and make it funny... it was a nightmare - but it forced me to be even more creative and the end results are in some cases really really good...

...and I haven't the slightest idea on where to tell you to start. I mean honestly, from ordering one of everything at White Castle, to having Sex at a Speedway and giving the phone to the cashier, to trying to drink a gallon of milk in an hour, to smashing eggs over your head at a grocery store, to filling a cup with shit and putting pennies over top of it and making the cashier dump it out on the counter to count it, to drinking and consuming nearly unmentionable things, to going into a theater and telling the ending of the movie before it starts, to burning your chest hairs off, to shaving other hairs off, to everything else that you can imagine - it's a whirlwind.

And the kicker is, both Marty and I did the show 100% for free. Dead serious. I was the station's Production Director and Andyman allowed me to do the show for free on Friday nights. Marty didn't even work there. We did it completely because it was a friggin' blast and all you have to do is listen to a few of the bits - and you can feel it.
I made the site very easy to skim (everything is color-coordinated) so you can find whatever "type" of entry you want to listen to, and as well - everything is completely produced. I painstakingly edited all the bits with music and voice-overs... it's certainly a testament to my work-ethic but really nothing new. I always seem to go a bit overboard with things like this, but in the end - it benefits you. Almost every entry has some pictures and anecdotes many people have never heard... and hell 6 full Boyles Episodes. Giddy-up. I really think you can start from the beginning and go all the way through. Oh and in April '99 there's pics of me signing a naked chick marking the only time I will ever have nudity on this website. Ha. But come on, how rockstar is that. LOL.