3:30 AM - 6:30 AM, Tuesday, June 18th, 1996:
3 hours to do Episode 5. Man I'm really killin' myself. Lester and Robert team up on Wheel of Fortune. Very Funny, cool how I put it all together, but I feel no one really knows how much work I do. Oh well, more tomorrow...
1:45 AM - 3:45 AM, Wednesday, June 19th, 1996:
Man, what a great night. Came in with 4 Top 9 Lists, and Ended up with 5 new Lesters as well! Forgot I had one already done, so now, all I need to do for the entire week is: 5 Top 9 Lists, and 2 Boyles!!! Boyles #6 will be Lester calling Steve Cannon, and Boyles #7 Will be Lester doing a TV commercial.... The other Top Nine Lists? No idea yet. Boy, I did 5 Lesters in 30 minutes...I was rollin'... it was like I was Lester. Cool. Do Boyles #6 tomorrow...I can't wait.
2:00 AM - 4:15 AM, Thursday, June 20th, 1996:
Wow, can't believe I had the guts to call Steve. Went into the production room and got things rolling and recorded the entire conversation. Steve later told me that it took him about 30 seconds to figure out it was me. Listening to the tape, I think he's full of it. I say he had no idea until the very end. Either way, it worked great. Really pretty funny, and after hours of work, The Boyles #6 was in the books. Things are going great. I tried to come up with more Top 9 Lists, but I've really hit a rut. Well, tomorrow I will do The Boyles #7, and some more Top 9 Lists I hope...
4:30 AM - 6:30 AM, Friday, June 21st, 1996:
Wow, I'm done. I'm really starting to amaze myself. I've written 11 Top 9 Lists... And I did a Killer Boyles.....In one hour! Lester doin' a radio commercial, and he finds out later it's gonna be for adult diapers and impotence. Very funny. So I can go to sleep, and this entire week is done. From now on it's 2 lists, a Lester and a Boyle a weekend. I can definitely handle that. Christ what has this show become?
11:30 PM - 7:00 AM, Friday - Saturday, June 21st - 22nd, 1996: SHOW 149
Well this is it. All the work to kick Canon's ass, and here I am. Tonight it showed. Killer night, lines jammed on Mr. Jack Kevorkian. Maybe I just don't listen enough, but Cannon never seems to have shows this good. It rocked, and people loved Lester on Wheel of Fortune Even had a request for The Boyles 1! Man do I love my job. Can't wait to play them the other Boyles. I get more satisfaction out of making people laugh at Lester, than I do when I finish a song. I can't believe I'm writing this. Are we witnessing a career change? I've got too many damn goals. My talents just throw me all over the place. That is great, and I'm lucky, but often I wish I had just one. This has to sound egotistical and arrogant. I'm really just telling the truth. Ah well, I'm tired... Ha, I just noticed the "Killer" night in the same sentence with Kevorkian :-)
10:30 PM - 7:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, June 22nd - 23rd, 1996: SHOW 150
Night started out hilarious, doing stories on stupid things you've done. I'm afraid I might have to make it a segment... Not an every show segment, but kind of like Gone But Not Forgotten.... Something else to use when things get slow. It went until 3:00, actually until 2:30, and then I was pressed for topics. Mind Trap was cool...missed a perfect night by one player. Overall I had fun, it showed, but lately I've been going through this dyslexia thing. It's odd, I switch the first letters of two back to back words. I don't do it often, and it's because my mind is racing, but it's somewhat disturbing. And my beginnings, you know: The exclusive 610 WTVN radar weatherwatch forecast....and 610 WTVN Good Morning, I'm Adam Kontras, welcome to the Late Show... Saying the first one instead of the second. Once again it's because I'm going nuts multi-tasking. And another thing... DAH. Angela never tells me when a call is a friend. Drives me fuckin' batty! I finally have to put my hands up and say come on....then she says it's her husband Chris. That and she's still slow on the calls. She talks too much. But people seem to like that as well. Oh well, I'll tell her some time this week. Tomorrow is day 1 I'm stealing from Cannon...
10:30 PM - 5:15 AM, Sunday - Monday, June 23rd - 24th, 1996: SHOW 151
And a successful steal I must say. Sunday nights always suck, and this rocked. More stupid stories, and some political talk. It's great fun. And a lot of listeners the first hour which I think is great, because Cannon usually (if he's lucky) gets one caller. And he takes that caller until the news. Let me make something very clear, I like Cannon. I really do. But I want this job so bad that I want him to fail. It's simple competitiveness... and of course I like entertaining people, and it hurts me to know that they have to try to be entertained by him. Ha. Slight jab there. Wow, after my shift Perkins and Bradley were just raggin' on me royaly. Some half-hearted just fuckin' with me, but things like: "Jesus, why don't you talk...all I hear you do is pre-recorded stuff." Seriously...and "At least you could be creative, aren't you ever on live?" They have to be kidding, and most of it was Joe of all people. I'm being over sensitive I know, but after working so hard for this show...Christ. We'll see how they are tomorrow.