Although 4tvs detoured Adam's recording career, it couldn't however stop the songwriter within. Through The Journey, Adam has found a way to deal with all that LA can throw at him with a few verses and chords and the result is oftentimes more effective than his previous fully produced efforts. As you'll notice the vast majority of these songs are under 2 minutes and are intended to get across a melody or hook as well as describe that moment in the journey....
"To be able to put a moment in time into words or music is always tricky, but with The Journey there's the added discipline of a deadline. If a big moment moves me to write a song, it's usually an "entry worthy" moment, so I'm holding up the entire entry until I tape it. It's a unique, self-imposed discipline that really forces you to write that moment, as it's happening. "I Followed You" is a great example of that."
You can watch the videos by clicking the pictures below, and the dates below each picture will take you to the corresponding month of the song if you'd like to read their entries. You can buy all 50 PART ONE songs on DVD "Songs From The Journey" from
SONGS 1-50 (2000-2004)
SONGS 51-95 (2005)
I Don't Believe 11/08/04
Freedom Hate 10/20/04
Empty Walls 9/16/04
Home 8/01/04
The Breaking Point 7/30/04
If I spoke to you... 7/28/04
It's all clear now... 7/27/04
Why is it now? 7/24/04
Before the Storms 7/23/04
Where Are You? 7/20/04
Torn...ado 7/18/04
Justify The Ends 7/09/04
I'll Stay 7/06/04
Shadow Sonata 6/22/04
Not Gonna Bail 3/1/04
Kenny's 14th 1/10/04
Swirlin' The Bowl 12/20/03
Thank You 12/12/03
Happy 28th, Adam 10/9/03
Lazy Bones 7/19/03
Roxy & Theo 7/15/03
60 Days 5/6/03
Kenny's 13th 1/10/03
I'm Feelin' Good 1/8/03
From Me 12/25/02
Vienna 12/9/02
'Cause I Have You 12/4/02
All I said 10/9/02
The Acceptance 7/10/02
Indefensible 6/17/02
Tarnished Chords 5/19/02
Here I Am 5/7/02
I Followed You 3/12/02
Suicide Notes 3/5/02
I Am Dead (Reprise) 2/22/02
I Was Wrong 2/4/02
Stare At The Sun 2/3/02
I Am Dead 2/2/02
Kenny's 12th 1/10/02
J-Dog, Part 2 12/23/01
Breathe Deep 3/4/01
Kenny's 11th 1/10/01
Talkin' Shit 1/7/01
Ordinary Joe 11/20/00 10/6/00
Alright Wtih You 5/9/00
Karaoke Song 2/20/00
Back in the Saddle 2/1/00
Joe 1, Joe 2 1/14/00
Kenny's 10th 1/12/00