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Entry #16
Ahh, the sequel to my poem at WTVN. Jane London was asking for poetry one night (this is actually after John & Jane, Darryl brought her back to do late night fill ins) and I made the original for her. This however was not completely a true story...
We've all heard of the workers teaming up and winning the big lotto - but what we never hear is that one loser that decides not to chip in. If this were my work, I would be that loser - because I never throw my $5 in because I think the lottery is a waste. I've turned it down every single time and prayed to holy heaven they didn't win because there's something that'll haunt you forever. Heh.
So that part isn't true...yet. But I do love me some Montery Ranch Chicken Sandwiches. I will never understand why this isn't a permanent item on the menu. It's the friggin' bomb.
Hell what isn't 10 times better with some ranch on it? Fries, burgers, sandwiches, salads... ranch is the shit. If they made a fast food restaurant that had all "ranch" items I would be 250 pounds.