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Entry #14
Although the first Listener Bit here, a dude eating a spam milkshake is actually the first one. It sucked and I never kept a copy of it. So this guy gets the honor:
Charles, who I still am not certain he did this, grabs the intercom at Krogers and says some stuff before getting kicked off and won a seat on "The Verve Bus". He should thank his lucky stars this was 1998, because The Late Show 1999 would have laughed that idea right out of the building.
Now back to whether he did it... the echo is reminiscent of what you'd have if your radio was turned up...or if you were talking through one of those fake echo tube thingees. And the guy kicking him off just sounded so fake to me that it seemed like his buddy worked at Krogers and they set it up. Now of course I call the Krogers and they verify so I figured "screw it, he wins". Still seemed a little staged to me - but whatever. Welcome to Late Show Immortality bud.