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Entry #12

This time, they bought it. One of my proudest moments. Though I get nothing extra if a spec spot gets picked up, it's just an awesome feeling to know that a company liked your idea so much you completely became their voice on the air...

It also has the honor of being the most requested commercial at the station. I played it all the time on my show and people literally called up during the day asking when it was coming up. A commercial. That fact kills me. Many times when spec spots got picked up it occured to me I should go into some sort of commercial production/marketing type gig but never really knew what steps to take. Good thing really, my heart wouldn't be into it.
It was also just friggin' awesome to hear The Boyles get to this level. It was like a credibility boost for them, like The Simpsons doing Butterfinger spots. As well, it introduced Mary's brother, "Uncle Freddy", furthering the ol' family tree. Good shit man.