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1:48 AM, Thursday, December 25th, 2002:
Well this is the last entry before the "Big One", so I figured I might as well sing. By tradition I end the year with the big highlight video, and a look back on what happened. Then in the first entry of next year I introduce the new "look" and make predictions and goals for the upcoming year. So this is really my last entry of the year to just BE.
It's the one thing I can say I'm proudest of when it comes to this year. I held nothing back. I opened my web program, and opened my head/heart/soul as I felt like I was losing all 3. But I'll get into that more on the 31st. For now...
I have a pretty good job prospect. It's an office staff position for a chiropractor's office. Part time, decent money. Hell it's a job. Couple that with working as a server on weekend nights, or even weekday nights, and I believe Jess can officially go back to school at the end of February. Whew. The lady said they were looking for someone with actual medical experience, but since they're in need of someone right away, they're probably going to let me start and see how I work out while they look for more qualified people. Fine with me. I have zero doubt that I can impress them within one day on the job. Just gimme the chance. I should know more by Thursday.
Working on this year-end video has been an absolute labor of hell. Having to watch that bathtub video is so eerie. What I do like about it all, is I feel like I've just been hired by someone to make a little 2-3 minute movie. I look over the material and then make unbiased decision on what moments best tell the story of "2002". I love the different roles. It's what I loved about the ol' "Mountain Movie". There was no plan. I shot it as a cinematographer. Simply trying to make pretty shots. No story in mind. I edited it as a Writer/Director. Had all this strange footage that I had to make something out of. Looking at things from different perspectives like that are always fun.
Jess's parents will be here later today.
How 'bout them Buckeyes? LOLOL. HAHAHAHA. I find myself way too funny sometimes. I love Jessica way too goddamn much to add anything to the previous paragraph. Let's just say she's glowing for the first time in a loooooooong time and it absolutely warms my heart. I love to see her so happy. I just pray everyone can be cordial enough for her to have a relaxful week off.
What's been kickin' my ass more than anything lately is a recent rash of targetted vandalism and theft. I haven't spoken about it as to not encourage more since the person is probably reading this - but at this point it doesn't really matter. There's nothing that can really be done either way. I've filled out 3 police reports and given them the person's phone numbers and address - but what the hell can they do? Oh yeah, the actual crimes. I mentioned the first one: 2 tires slashed. Thought they just went flat. Nope - slashed. Got em' replaced, and 2 weeks later - the brand new tires were slashed again. (sigh). Replaced 'em again, and talked our apartment manager into a 2nd spot off the street. So what happened? He (or maaaaaaaaaaaaybe she - riiiiiiiiiiight) slashed Jess's tire. No other tires are being slashed by the way. Luckily it was just one tire this time (was he being nice? LOL) so I left it until we reallly needed it as I'd just throw on the spare. Little did I realize that he actually stole the fucking spare from under the truck too.
Honestly, at this point I just laughed. Kinda like a "Wow...you totally got me". He actually thought this one out. Most likely knowing that I would assume the spare was there, and then pow - be totally fucked. It actually royally fucked things up as Jess and I both had to be places. Luckily we barely worked it out, and Jess was only slightly late one day. The problem of course is we have zero control. If this guy wants to come by every week and slash my tires for some unknown reason, not a damn thing I can do about it.
Funniest thing too. Everyone keeps lookin' at me like I'm cheating on Jess and this is some crazy ex-girlfriend. LOL. The dude at the tire place actually got a sly little smile and said "Ex girlfriend?". And the truth of the matter is, I of course have the one and only suspect...but - dude, I didn't do a goddamn thing to him. At all. He's the one who threatened the apartment manager and got evicted. Just 'cause J-Dog was in the middle of it...doesn't translate to this at all. So much so I wonder if it's someone else...but honestly people - I don't have the enemies I had last year. Even those were ones I just fancied having. No one really cared about me enough to hate me. LOL.
My only other thought is this absolute whack-job who keeps ripping stamps off of my mail. Came real damn close to catching him once with the mail, but there's no legitimate proof. I went from wanting to strangle people like this to just completely accepting it. Even the tires don't phase me. The only thing is, if it continues and we can't get a 3rd parking spot (which is next to impossible, and useless if it is an inside thingee), we're gonna have to move. No ifs ands or butts. This has cost us over $300 already with no end in sight. Especially with BOTH Jess and I working, we'll lose our jobs in a heartbeat. As much as I love this apartment complex - it's simple arithmetic. Here's hopin' the police get all LAPD and kick some ass. LOL.
The Trinitrons Sequel is certainly in the fun stage. The stage where the second I put my head down at night, I run through the gags I've thought of from the audience perspective. It's actually made me laugh to myself out loud at 3 in the morning. That's a good sign. There's still some little holes that are keeping me from completely fleshing out the outline - but it's there. The tone is there. The goal of the show is there for sure. So much has to be thought of for any sequel. Making it stand alone, yet giving the people who saw the first a bit of insight. Basically the overall arc of the characters has to be there again. That's the tricky part. It's so easy to just play with the end result of the 4 characters from the last one - but ther has to be more or it'll be flat. That part is coming together great. I know almost to the very last detail how each character will change throughout. Very excited. My hair is also damn long. I'm amazed at how well this shit grows. SHAVED, BUZZED, BALD head a year ago, and it's probably grown 10 inches since. I will push it as long as I can - looking at late February shooting and an early April completion and 1st show date.
The song (16th of the year btw) is more of a snapshot of my feeling as 2002 ends. Wondering if I'll ever hit the peaks of The Comedy Store again. Will I ever find a manager who can truly be a friend and have my best interests at heart. It's like free-style rap. I have to do it. It oozes out of me in times of struggle. I just have to get it out. And I hope you all realize these are "demos". Half these songs would never even have a piano IN THEM. It's just the only instrument I'm proficient enough on to play and sing without thinking. I can just set-up, shoot it, and move on. It loses it's spontanaity when you're trying to learn chords on a guitar.
So there you have it. I cannot believe 2002 is over, but I'm sure as hell glad it is. I only have to see this GOD AWFUL GREEN BACKGROUND for one more entry. Feels like I've used it for 3 years.
Oh jesus, I forgot about the "Drinking Video". How the hell? (sigh). And Jess's parents are gonna be here until the 1st. That'll be just great. I get to be all hungover for them. That oughtta help their impression of me. Screw it, it's tradition. I just want do the 9 shots in 15 minutes thing. It needs to be a truth syrum, not a vomit syrum.
...yet somehow I forget that around shot 5. LOL. My kids are never, ever, ever reading "The Journey".
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