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6:30 PM, Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008:
Best title for a short film ever....
So how cool is this?

Little did Keith know that his cousin that owned a motel... actually owned a really famous motel on Route 66 that Pixar modeled the motel in Cars after. This awesome little motel that was built in the 30s with almost completely original sinks, toilets - even the old TVs and shortwave radios...and FREE WIFI!! :-)

And of course each room has a garage you can put your car in - thus the reason Pixar modeled their motel after it. What a trip. I personally could give two shits about antiques (a personality trait that must sadden my mother horribly)...


...but I certainly enjoyed the feel of these rooms. We got the only 3 bed suite for 1/2 price. Which was a very lovely $25 a head. It literally made our trip 'cause of all the coolness held within...

...even if it was just glanced at as I enjoyed my wifi. I'm such a dork - but whatever. Without that dorkiness none of you would be reading this... ;-)

 So everything was so cool that we decided to give up on our "schedule" and actually spend an entire extra day here checkin' out the town. Especially nice for me as it's the Pennsylvania Primary today and as I may have mentioned... there's free wifi. I can officially overdose on politics and watch another nail-biting finish which I still think is going to Clinton by around 7 points. If it's under 10 he's done quite well considering all the bullshit that's happened and that she was over 20 for quite awhile.
Anyway - I've got lotsa pics to share and not a whole lotta story to balance it (everyone lets out a sigh of relief). Heh...

Now, I don't mean to make fun of the uneducated but if you're gonna vandalize the cool hippie car in front of the Cars Motel for the love of fuck can you spell it right? Ha. It is mighty impressive however that they had the wherewithal to avoid the temptation of writing "where it out" since they at least sound the same. Then again, if you say it with a southern drawl "Were it out" actually does sound just about right. :-)

Heh. This has to be the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. It's almost like performance art. You walk in because of the name, then you realize it's someone's house and this is just a room - and they have laundry soap, a refrigerator with a 6 pack of pop you can buy singles of for 60 cents and a rack of trinkets... that's it. There's nothing in the store. The woman's baby came runnin out with a diaper half hangin' off and we looked at the entire inventory of the store in 27 seconds and moved on. When we walked out of there and I thought: "Wow, that was like the worst store I've ever... OHHH hahahha - I get it!". LOL. Classic. A must stop if you're ever in Tucumcari New Mexico on Route 66.

Unfortunately the majority of the town is boarded up and most businessed left decades ago. I thought this storefront was just awesome because it was perfectly maintained and had to be over 20 years old. I mean when was "Philco" a major brand? Quasar was definitely late 80s. Fun.
I guess no small town visit is complete without a trip to a stupid museum. This one had to take the cake in my experience though. LOL. It was a dinosaur museum but the majority of the exhibits were fake things. Ha. They had some bronzed bones and so forth - but it was a one-room tourist trap for sure. But I got to be my own fossil which was nice:
Before you think I'm just too cool for school, please know that I kept either sitting on my glasses, or leaving them somewhere and they're too big to stay on my head above my eyes. So I wore them inside. Heh. But fuck it, I am too cool for school. Why hide it. :-)
Keith's cousin was awesome - they had a cookout for us and it was just like home man. I'd forgotten the joy of a cookout with baked beans and burgers and dogs. All of us were just in awe at the dumb luck of it all to feel like family so far from home. I even helped "Uncle Bill" put up an auction on Ebay which I think made me his friend for life. :-) We will be sad to go. But hey, I found Jesus here. So that's a good thing...

...and I believe we've found an angle for our short film. HAAAA HAAAA HAAAA. Jesus is either going to pick me and Nicky up, or we're gonna feel guilted into picking Jesus up. Whatever seems funnier - although I'm not sure anything will top that picture. Keith also has the perfect demeanor to pull off a serious/funny Jesus.


Oh and don't give Keith any shit about Metallica. It's already infiltrating the YouTube boards and I gotta stop that shit right away. In fact I probably shouldn't have said anything but it was just such a "holy shit" moment for me that it felt appropriate. Either way - this cat follows the beat of a different drummer and he's gotta follow his own road. Of course I would've done things differently but it's not like he wasn't aware of the opportunity he had and he was happy to let it go. That speaks to who he is at his core and he knew unequivocally that wasn't the way he was going to go. And who are we to doubt jesus. I mean really.

Alright the polls closed about 30 minutes ago and it's still too close to call. Not even any percentages yet so I guess that's a good sign. Just keep it under 10. Even 10 is fine, but over 10? Hell any double digits whatsoever she'll act like she beat Apollo Creed. But she should go on no matter what. These people calling for her to drop out are insane. She should chill on the negative shit (but she's not 'cause it works) but otherwise she's not being selfish for staying in this. All she has to do is convince the supers he's unelectable. That's the system - and she's playing it the same way Barrack played it by kickin' her ass in caucuses. I still think they go with the pledged delegate leader by June 3rd - but I can see a lot of supers waiting until the convention man. I wish I didn't want Obama to win so much - I would actually really enjoy this process. I just can't get excited about Hillary at all.
Alrighty - back on the road again tomorrow. Should be in St. Lous by tomorrow night... wow - we're actually going to stay at the exact same cities that I did 8 years ago on my way here. Crazy.