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7:20 PM, Monday, April 21st, 2008:
Tucumcari, New Mexico.
750 entries later, the same town. I love The Journey...
So Keith's cousin owns a motel in Tucumcari and it wasn't until an hour out that I realized that's where Jess, Marty and I stayed our 2nd night coming across. Entry #3. LOL. Of all the towns, in all the states in 2500 miles... the chances really are astronomical. We also took off around 4:30 AM today so in one long ass day we made up what took Jess, Marty & I a day and a half... in the other direction.
So of course we'll have to re-enact our video from 2000 (that'll go to your right -we're still in the car at the moment). Over 8 years ago. Too funny. Don't even get me started on how different I am 8 years late, doh - too late...
No I'm not gonna bore you with that yet, but rest assured there's more than enough time to look at where you've been, where you are, and where you're going. Moreso for Keith obviously. We talked a bit about all our shit but there's little wiggle room. The thing is, as with everyone, I understand how his environment as a kid leads to who he is now... and I just stop holding a grudge. He may get passed it someday and I'll get a call when he really understands how bad he hurt me. It's more than just youth, his parents basically abandoned him and he simply hasn't the capacity to really connect with people. I don't have that issue (some would say polar opposite in that area) and so I trusted him and got burned. Whatever really - it's $600 and at the end of the day he's leaving LA. Sucks though - he had a job with Metallica these last few weeks. Working in their studio as they record their new album, bein' the gopher and it just "wasn't his scene". He was here "to be a bassist, not a runner". (sigh). The studio engineer gave him all sorts of shit for going quitting the opportunity. Had we still been friends during that time he wouldn't be going back east, I guarantee you. But he's an incredible soul with gobs of talent and time is still certainly on his side. We haven't heard the last of Keith Coast Superstar.
Of course, thoughts of Donna haven't ended. As I stated before the saddest thing is I can't express to people how much I love her because now they just see all the drama. They don't understand why I'm not relieved that she's gone. Completely nearsighted on their part I guess, but for a guy who finds comfort in other people understanding him... it's tough. Of course all I do is play out some scenarios and it gets easier and easier. Remembering the "HG Revelation" entry has actually been a big help lately. When the contents of that get revealed I think you'll all wonder why I hung on like I did - and in reality I didn't. That was certainly the final straw. We never were really close after that. I supported her through the therapy but that week and what lies within ended up hurting me pretty permanently. I really hope I have a letter from her when I get to Columbus. It's been so tough not knowing how she's doing.
Almost finished Obama's first book as well. You just can't help but be inspired at his beginnings. It all just seems to make sense when you read about him organizing and working with people on smaller scales to get things done. His organization in this campaign has never been seen on this scale and I'm literally excited at what it could mean if he can run the government with this much efficiency. Everyone who cares at all about the process owes it to themselves to read these two books. They are a blueprint for what may help us get out of a mess of epic proportions. I mean... come on:

This wasn't just some place in the middle of the dessert - this was Needles, California. Couple gas stations, hotels, fast food... You know what gas was in that entry in 2000? In Cuba, Missouri we got gas for $1.07. That picture is over FOUR times the price in 8 years. How people think it won't be a convincing victory in November against McCain is beyond me. And of course the big primary tomorrow - and it looks like it'll be a nail biter. As the worst pundit ever I think it's going to be a 5-9 point win for Hillary, not over 10. In my heart I think he's gonna win by the narrowest of margins based on new registration the pollsters don't count. Man, if he wins tomorrow - it will be the biggest celebration man. She will have to concede. I just don't see it happening. Her win tomorrow will bump his win in North Carolina down to the same margin and then Indiana will be so damn close that it won't matter delegate wise. Basically 2 weeks from now we're gonna be in the exact same friggin' place we are now - with him up around 140 delegates with the supers counted in...

...but if he wins tomorrow it's over. Very exciting. Can't WAIT to see the results tomorrow.
We're trying to come up with an idea for a short film for tomorrow as we're taking it easy and hitting a hotel by 7 for the primary results. You should enjoy that. Hell will I ever be able to upload this on the road? I'm not friggin' payin $10 for access. May all just have to wait until Wednesday.
And lookee there - pullin' in to Tucumcari...
PS - Holy shit! This is the motel that Pixar used for "Cars" - looks just like it!!! The hippie car is here! Next entry is gonna rock... I think we're gonna stay here an extra day. :)