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1:50 PM, Saturday, April 19th, 2008:
Ya know, I've kept quiet on this war for quite some time. It seemed to be out of place within these pages and I really didn't want to alienate a bunch of people. However, now, I feel completely safe and assured in saying how I feel. The truth of the matter, the absolute truth of the matter is... if you're reading this on a mac you are bordering on mildly retarded.
Hahaha. Not alienate anyone? Not say how I feel? See, that paragraph would be the start of a bad April Fools Day joke. I write better than that. Sheeeeeeeit.
Now mildly retarded is obviously tasteless and unnecessary but it doesn't change the fact that it's true. The moment that finally made me finally have to rant was my experience with the new "MacBook Air". I was drawn in by just how friggin' cool that thing was and looked into it. Christ, I don't even know where to start. For $3,098 you get a dual core 1.8 ghz processor, 2 gigs of ram a 64gb solid-state harddrive and a 13 inch screen. No disc drive, not even a friggin firewire port (which I use to load video). Wow.
Now those on a mac are conceding this point and are going to point me to the MacBook Pro... I'll get to that in a minute. Let me first give you a comparable PC laptop. You can get a dual core (intel, not even AMD), 2 gigs of ram a 160 gig harddrive and a 15 inch screen - and a DVD burner and built in web-cam and all the other stuff for... ready for this? $634. That means you can buy an arguably better computer FIVE times for the price of the MacBook Air. FIVE.
Five. That's Monster Cables territory for jacking up prices.
There is no longer a doubt that mac is the Starbucks of the computer world. Even for professionals, video editors, graphic artists... you are being sold a bill of goods. It has to be the only area in which those who "know" more seem even more susceptible to advertising. Like there's some fear in the professional community to admit you use anything other than a mac. To talk to a group of professional mac owners is like talking to the members of a cult or a buddhist monastary (HAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA - sorry, I really needed to laugh). Ahem, anyway - it's this air of superiority as if they've transcended this earthly plane and are so much more enlightened than us plebians with our clunky boxes of chaos. Heh, that buddhist comment really felt good. I love you Donna, it's just... well - yeah. Moving on...
This is also coming from a guy who has had his share of computer problems, no doubt. There was some shitty DVD software in 2002, there were some frustrating moments 5, 6 years ago - but in 2008, you're hard pressed to make any case to buy a mac now. Even a top of the line MacBook Pro is gonna run you $2799 and you get a dual core 2.5 ghz processor, 2 gigs of ram a 250 gig harddrive and a 17 inch screen. For less than half of that you can DOUBLE your ram, add in another 100 gig drive and throw in a blu-ray player to boot. There's just no comparison folks. Especially on the editing side 'cause Premiere Pro has copied Final Cut Pro (who am I kidding, they stole it) to such a degree that the two are nearly indistinguishable. Throw-in After Effects for the really complicated stuff and you're set.
It's funny, I actually know every single one of my friends who are reading this on a mac (they always tell you when they're in the "club", it's kinda like a jehovah's witness thing) and finally I just straight up asked one of 'em - wtf? Impressively in a moment of candor he actually said to me "Adam, you pull off more incredible shit with less than anyone I've ever known - so I will concede your point that you don't need a mac." What he was really saying was I was a cheap bastard, but I took it as a compliment. And yes, I do try and squeeze every ounce out of something (refrain from relationship comparisons please) before I pronounce it dead or lacking. But that's been in the past decade... seriously - now? 2008? Save yourself some money. Buy a PC, download a mac wallpaper, and get that giddy feeling...
...and save that extra dough for some gas. All premium is over $4 here in LA btw. Some places every grade except minimum is over $4. Please, vote for McCain to continue the war in Iraq so we can continue to have the oil "pay for itself" and not be a drain on our economy.