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8:13 PM, Friday, April 4th, 2008:
Sometime soon after July 13th, 2057:
"Now, wait wait wait. I know it looked bad... but that's kind of the point of the day Peter. I just pull it off better than most. What you're seeing isn't what it seems. Let me defend myself here. I can't go to hell. Really, I can't. I know everyone believes that I should if the last entry was indeed false - but I promise, once you hear the whole story you'll marvel at the way it all came together and realize I really shouldn't go to hell."
So let's get this out of the way right off the bat:
I did not lie to my father. I did not make my father cry tears of joy for being a grandfather and then say "April Fools". The video you watched was from January of last year when we really did think Donna was pregnant. It was a testament to just how sensitive her system is and just how much out meat is filled with hormones. After a dinner of steak and eggs from Ralphs (I shit you not) - Donna's boobs were literally a cup size bigger and her sense of smell was nearly super-human. Her body seemed to be going through all these hormonal changes and there was no reasonable explanation other than pregnancy. The last video was real, and the following morning she got her period. The locked entry 616 was explaining that it was a flase alarm, but absolutely loving that I got that moment on tape. Even though it ended up not being true, the conversation is as precious to me as anything I have as it will be true someday - and that first reaction is a keeper. I watch it from time to time when I'm toolin' around the computer and it just lights me up. I cannot wait until that day is a reality.
I got a few emails from people saying - "The locked entries are locked for no reason, or they are blank entries..." I did not, and would NEVER black out entries for no reason. Ever. To me, that absolutely ruins the integrity of The Journey - and honestly - it's just not fair. Setting up an April Fools Day joke by lying for a whole month defeats the entire purpose. The truth of the matter is that some very difficult things have been going on and I'm simply not at liberty to make them public just yet. They do effect The Journey however, and even the titles give away too much and cause too much concern. So much so the joke had simply been cancelled as of mid-March but things got remarkably better in the past 10 days or so and both Donna and I actually enjoyed the day quite a bit, giggling at everyone's responses. Tyson was awesome - he calls up: "Punk ass." all pissed that we had spent time wth them in the past week and never told them she was pregnant and they find out online. HAHAHA. It was a wonderfully precious moment. Like, Ty was really peeved. "Christ, I thought we were friends..." Ha. I love it man. Seriously, Tyson and Michelle are 2 of the coolest people I've met in this city.
So clearly, it was indeed false, but I have to say - those who said: "True" are actually the winners in my mind, because other than going back and finding the picture of entry 616 there was absolutely no way to know. It was one of those weird phenomenons where absolutely everything alligned and there was simply no discernable way to figure it out. The video clinches it. I saved that puppy for over a year knowing that it would make an ironclad April Fools joke at some point. And nearly everybody who actually had the balls to guess said "true". And some of your emails were wonderful and I thank you all for them. Many of you are incredibly supportive and wonderful and I read several with tears in my eyes - because someday it will be reality.
Those who chose false unfortunately came up with some pretty ridiculous reasons like "You're not ready for a kid" LOL. Because babies wait until you're ready. Ha. I know of two couples in my 32 years of existence that planned a pregnancy and I don't believe I will ever be ready financially to have a child. Ever. As far as mentally? I have no doubt I am ready to be a father. It's been a part of me forever. And again, to those of you who wrote the wonderful emails about what I'll be like as a father, thank you. It will happen someday when I least expect it.
The majority of you pussied out and did the ol' "If it's true, congrats! If not - you didn't get me!" (sigh). Come on guys, play along! That's the fun! But as I said before, this year - I don't take any solace in "getting" any of you because in reality, that video was indeed true. This year was literally impossible to "get" because you guys weren't really watching a fallacy. I have to say though that this year was a bit of a turning point for me - and I think next year, the tenth joke, will be the last. I'm going to do everything in my power to make it a TRUE (so we're at a perfect 5-5) and then let the tradition go. I've already proven to myself that I can not only fool people that aren't expecting something - but I can fool the people that ARE expecting something and there's little else to prove. I also let down a friend who had been helping me through all the tough shit that the locked entries are about - as he saw the preganancy as a wonderful resolution to those problems. Of course because it was the first of April I had no way of telling him it wasn't true. He later admitted he just overreacted because he was pissed I "got" him, but I did feel bad.
The bottom line is, my whole life is sincerity. My whole life is being honest and truthful and helping people. The April Fools Day joke no longer feels like me. I hate that it's now making people doubt the sincerity of an entire month (March) because they're waiting for it. I hate that there are people reading this RIGHT NOW thinking "Yeah, he's just making us think it's over so our guard is down..." LOL. Enough already. So - there will be one more. And I will do everything I can to make it an incredible positive event in my career that happens to coincide with that date...or I'll play one last joke. Either way I'm moving on from it.
No foolin'...
PS - I thought I'd include a personal video (yes I actually have several not online!) I made on Father's Day last year that I got to spend with my father and grandfather.
It's all made with hidden camerashots trying to capture those little moments that you think don't matter. It's why I've always hated posed pictures. My memories are not of loved ones standing up straight and smiling for a camera. Well, let me take that back - some of them are because that's about all you have left when you don't do things like this. I implore everyone reading this to do goofy things like setting up a camera and capturing moments even if you have to make an announcement that's what you're doing - and then let everyone forget about it. There's nothing more precious than the sound of your parents/grandparents laughing, the cadence of their voices - or in this case the subtlety of body language and how they talk with their hands. You may feel goofy doing it now, but try and let go of that pride.