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unlocked on 12.24.07
12:00 PM, Tuesday, September 25th, 2007:
Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiist. Nothin' more oppressive than writing an entry that skips everything that actually happened so it's safe for public consumption. Makes my skin crawl. But I did that so at least the band got an unlocked view of their day as they deserved. That's unfortunately about all they got. The whole thing is very sad, but I'm getting ahead of myself.
So I was excited to meet the band as I mentioned in the last entry and Tammy let me know that there was no changes that she knew of to the script for yesterday that ended the segment with "And check out the website for updates on the next round of Living Room Live". Not that we really believed it would happen, but at least it showed promise.
When I got on the set after meeting the band it was once again a race to try and get info. And also to even get mic'd. I finally had to tell the director "I'm still not mic'd" and just a few seconds before this entry's video starts I got it on. Then it's trying to get a run through of what they want to happen and as you'll notice in the video I get a bit frustrated as I'm again getting conflicting info on what camera to talk into. That's finally decided and then when it starts... the copy is completely different than I was told and I'm also walking and reading it at the same time (later I see that they were showing the band's clip at that moment). I mentioned it last entry - but it bares repeating: no need to give Adam the new scripts? Maybe a pronounciation on the band member's names? It's just sloppy. But I'm good at cold reading so it was fine.
The blocking was a mess because the director had no idea the drummer was the leader of the group. Which means there's no way I can cheat to the camera and speak to the drummer at the same time because they want them in position from the get-go. They also didn't speak to any of the band members to explain this so as you may have noticed when I do speak to the lead singer - you see the back and side of his head the whole time. Then when Julie and I come back in after the song - the "next round" is gone from the prompter and the segment abrurptly ends.
After the interview the director actually comes up to me and says (as a mentor taking me under his wing) "You need to not turn your back to the camera when you're giving an interview". (sigh) Once again I look like the amateur when it's a blocking issue. I can't be facing the camera and talk to the guy behind me. The whole "passing the buck" thing is a little irritating for sure. I'm starting to wonder whose fault it really was last time. But ugh - I just don't care right now. It looks "ok" on-screen but just not very professional.
Afterwards of course is the final part where they bring everyone on, all the hosts and do the final goodbye with the band - but then they zip all the hosts outside and they keep us inside to make sure the band isn't in the shot. This really pissed me off. Again, I understand not doing it anymore after this. I really do. New administration, goodbye to the old - but don't shortchange the end of a 13 week bit. This band deserved exactly what the last 2 winners got. I mean - some of the hosts didn't even come up to congratulate them. As if they were told to seperate themselves with it. It's just so aggrivating for them and they have no idea what's happening. Their interview was cut in half, and they were rushed out of there as fast as possible. I'm such a pussy aren't I? This is showbiz and I'm bringing my heart into this. It has no place really.
Afterwards I wanted to meet with Shelley and at least introduce myself. She walked past me several times and didn't acknowledge me at all. One time seemed quite glaring. Tammy and I waited for about 45 minutes for her to get out of a meeting after all that and Tammy finally came back and said:  "Don't worry about Adam." She was right - it didn't matter. It just didn't matter. I can't believe it doesn't matter, but it doesn't. Nothing I did really mattered. To expect people to think outside the box is foolish. I mean, even Tammy who I love to death when talking about a sitcom with The Egos said: "Do they do sitcoms on the internet?". Fuck. It doesn't matter how good The Young & the Restless bit is...it was on the internet. And until it's on the TV, you're still that "internet guy". It's funny, Vinnie said the same thing. "I see you as more of an internet guy."(sigh). The work just doesn't matter. Amazing. Anyway, we both left and saw the band out front and took some pictures with them.
And that ends Living Room Live. Tammy is on vacation until October 15th at which point she said she would bring up the fact that we need to promote the next round and then we'll get the official no - but it's unnecessary to wait for that. Just don't know how I feel really - I want to say this was completely unprofessional, and I can't believe my work didn't garner the respect of a handshake... but I'm in no position to say that for certain. I only feel that way. It may just be "the way it is". Maybe in a couple of months I'll be able to look back and understand. But right now, I just don't. The work I did was exemplary and it will always be shocking to be seemingly the only person who thinks that.
Anyway, time to chill with family and try to get past this. I have a feeling it's gonna be a depressing end of the year...but there's always tje November magic to look forward to.