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10:07 PM, Monday, September 24th, 2007:
For the sake of Midnight Clear this will be two seperate entries as the last thing they deserve is less exposure by getting stuck in a locked entry full of political behind the scenes crap. They've already been unknowing parties to all of that. So this will be pretty surface and the next entry will be all the political stuff...and therefore locked for the time being.
This is always a special day for me and Tammy. It's the culmination of 13 weeks of ridiculously hard work and it ends with getting to meet the winners who so far have been the most gracious and appreciative people I've ever met. Tammy sifts through hundreds of potential acts each week trying to narrow down the best 3 and you all know the ridiculous lengths I go to to pull of The Egos each week and when it's all said and done - on one morning at the end of it all is: today.
I will admit that the "air" wasn't as festive as the first two, but you can't escape the energy of the winners who are in the midst of a whirlwind you know all too well.
My, I just noticed that rock. Whew.
On-set everything was as comfortable as it always was. I've now come to accept that you do what the last person tells you because it's all complete chaos and conflict until then. A huge suprise was the prompter copy being completely different than anything I had ever seen before. I really do wonder when they give everyone the scripts for that morning, why they forget to give them to me? I digress, save all that for next entry. Anyway - my cold reading skills certainly come in handy in these situations.
The southern hospitality of the band was quite sweet. They were all very shy and soft spoken, none moreso than Jeremy the lead singer. These are not your typical rockstars to say the least. Jeremy was sans the hat he wore in their video because his mother asked him not to wear it. Ha. Don't I know that feeling buddy. My mother despises my hat. :-) But being a hat-man myself - I gotta say, I liked the hat better. It's all about the branding man. "Oh yeah - that dude with that big 'ol hat? They rock" But all the branding logic in the world doesn't trump mom. :-)
Rory, who founded the group, is in his late 50s and was literally in tears after the song. Talk about a Journey. How long has this guy worked? A die-hard Beatles fan, they've actually become quite famous in Liverpool and play there a bunch. Wild story on these guys and again, as appreciative as you can imagine. Jesus, what a horribly disjointed group of sentences that was. You get the point - but wow, my head is all over the place.
And I gotta say once again, as I don't know how the hell this ever happens, but I somehow look thinner than I actually am when I'm on this show? Is that possible? I mean -hooray for me, but it must just be the suit or something 'cause I'm not in good shape. A certain goal in the time off for sure. My hair's actually getting so long that I could do Dewey next year without a wig. Glad I was able to pull off this season without having to cut my hair. I'm in a long-hair type of mood right now...
Anyway - as far as the band's future I have to say - the song they performed is so clearly ready for radio, as-is, I don't see how they could avoid getting signed. It's got a perfect hook, a great mix of 60s and 80s feels, certainly Beatlesque.. their time is literally now. And listening to their CD... MELODY! :-) So nice to hear you again. I could rave about 'em forever...
To the gang at CBS I just have to say thank you for allowing me to be a part of your show for the past year. As the chronic chronicler I am, it was wonderful fodder for these pages and a resume builder like no other. With over 30 National Television appearences under my belt (granted only 5 of those live) I have mountains of content to take from this. You will always be my big break and quite frankly the list of things I don't have if not for CBS and Steve Friedman is unbelieveable. From Donna to Tony Soprano to The Price is Right to Young & The Restless to Up & Adam... to this:
I swear I'm gonna be hiding in every cool Television show I've ever loved before it's all said and done. The last time I posted a shot like this was for The Price is Right in early 2006 - and a year later I was shooting my own short on that set as The Egos. Hmmmmmm. Vinnie was able to get me and Donna the primo seats to Letterman this afternoon. To anyone who has never been to a live television show taping the primo spots aren't front and center as you would assume at say... a concert. You learn really quick that all you see are cameramen asses. And those cameras are HUUUUUUGE. Front row balcony is by far the best view for this show...
...known forever as the "heart-shaped potato" show. Jamie Foxx, Jimmy Smits and Will.I.Am were the guests and it was actually one of the funnier Letterman shows I've seen in... several years? I rarely laugh out loud watching late night, more smiling chuckles - but some really funny shit happened on the show. Lotsa energy for sure - Donna and I had a blast - so thanks a million Vinnie. But they took my friggin' ticket! What's that? Can a man get a souvenir? Sheeeeeit. Of course I took a picture before they took it:
Well, in the digital age - I guess that's just about as good as having it in some shoebox for 20 years. :-)
Adios NYC.