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unlocked on 12.24.07
11:15 PM, Thursday, September 20th, 2007:
Man. It is not 2006. It didn't take very long to realize that. This will obviously be locked - so I'm just gonna be honest. But it's not like I'm burning bridges as there apparently aren't any to burn. LOL.
So I spend all night thinking about how I'm gonna work in the Up & Adam piece. The questions were already worked out, the Up & Adam open was already on tape and ready to go. Just like last time I was gonna get a few questions about the season, what I liked best - and specifically about all the sets we'd been on. My answer was that we certainly have been having fun from The Price is Right to Young and the Restless - but the most fun was my own late night talk show. She would make some comment, and I would mention the test show on YouTube. Then she'd ask what I thought of the bands and my answer would again involve the advice to the bands of using the exposure, win or not, to turn it into more. This exchange kept me up all night. LOL. You just want to be sure you say what you need and get hits on the test show. That was key.
Get there and again try to ascertain which camera and believe it or not - 3 different people told me 3 different things. LOL. They were arguing amongst theselves. I just shake my head as I write this because they were treating me like an amateur for asking. ?!?
Then I talk to Julie who says we're now going right into the announcement - the entire interview is cut. Shelly (Steve's replacement) had told her that morning. Not even a question about the bands. I was noticeably frustrated and Julie goes: "Is that alright?". Now she seemed sincere when she asked me that - but she had to know, that of course that wasn't cool, and of course I have no say in the matter. And for a second I toyed with the idea of actually saying no to see if anything would change, but I ended up sarcastically yelling:  "Of course it's not alright damnit!" and we all giggled and went ahead with cutting the whole interview.


The piece was smooth, not a whole lot to it. It was over in about a minute and it was clear what was happening to Living Room Live. It really kills me that the winning band gets this "light" version. If I'm even asking the questions Monday I guarantee it's no more than 2 or 3, they'll chop their song down and then - zap we're out. It's just politics, and as I said before you don't ever take on someone else's pet project as your own once their gone... but it's a piece we've been doing for 13 weeks - to shortchange the end really stings.

It's like being at a hospice. The person is technically still alive - but that week is just draining. It's life support and we're watching the plug being pulled. I'm just trying to give you guys an idea of the mood. For me and Tammy (living room live's mother), that's what it felt like.
Shelly was there but was pretty busy and walked past me several times... but we never met. Never seemed an appropriate time to introduce myself. And after the cut - I wasn't really sure what to say? Very sad situation...
...but one that would be topped when I met with Steve an hour later. He's always had the best quotes in the year we've been together. Today was no different:
"Adam, they're gonna kill you."

LOL. Oh the "on-the-fence" mentality I had was not shared by Mr. Friedman. Ha! Whereas I was looking at all the angles - he in no uncertain terms made it very clear that it was over, and I'd be foolish to think otherwise. It was refreshing actually and exactly what I assumed the moment I read the Variety piece a month ago. But when the content is as strong as The Egos have been the last month - you have to believe it will live on. Of course it won't Adam. Ha. When has that ever been true? When has talent or content mattered more than luck and timing? It's funny, that's a truth I've known since probably Year 2 of The Journey. Talent and content are pre-requisites to even enter the game... the rest is luck and timing... but people HATE hearing that. They just do. It goes against every single positive speaker, positive thinker, against all of our human nature that wants to believe we are actually in control. And christ do us humans want that! The thought of giving our absolute best and having it not even matter? Unfathomable. And ooh that's another good lesson (the locked entries are filled with the good ones):

It's the ultimate Journey truth - indifference. When your best isn't good enough? Well, that's a fucking DREAM road for me. That means your best actually got JUDGED. My best...doesn't even matter. I could've seamlessly pieced together 5 different versions of me, on world famous sets, completely by myself even using my OWN CAMERA, and it wouldn't have made any difference here. Yes imagine if I had done that!
I actually am in very good spirits to tell you the truth. I know I made the most of the opportunity and what's out of my control is like watching a movie. Not a big fan of this genre however. :-)
Met with Vinnie afterwards and that was rather depressing actually. The man is certain my future lies in a talk show about celebrities...on the internet. Like TMZ and whatnot. The whole "Ego" thing is "too much pressure" on the viewer. It must be - because 5 minutes into the test show he asked me what was written on my mug. "Up & Adam" I said sheepishly as if it the logo hadn't been on-screen constantly up to that pont. LOL. I'm torn because I know that he personally loves the cleb-reality world. He wrote a song called "Britney Breakdown" (that should explain the "Commucation Breakdown" and "Bordering on Britney" locked entry titles 6 months ago), and as a former Howard Stern player - I understand where he's coming from. I personally want nothing to do with that and you're gonna be hard pressed to tell me "The Egos" are "too much pressure" for the viewers. Now I understand if it's "too much ME" for a show... but that's why Up & Adam is made to center around the guest. Blah blah - what am I defending. Vinnie's a great guy and is happy to help. It's just frustrating as hell that anyone can see those egos bits and see me as an "internet guy", but he certainly does. Strange little curse to have.
Anyway - I get to forget about CBS for a few days and try to enjoy some time with Donna. I was prepared for all of this so it's not hitting me like a ton of bricks, but I am pretty floored that my interview was cut...and not even for time - it was done before the show started.
Up. Down.