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5:27 PM, Tuesday, September 18th, 2007:

Whew. I'm just tired. I'm just... I'm just really tired. I'd really like to own a La-Z-boy. Really a bunch. The list of things I would sacrifice in my life just to sit on a La-Z-boy and fall asleep is embarrasing. It may even include Roxy at this point. Now I love the dog, but...a La-Z-boy and silence... that right there would be a little slice of heaven. I've never owned a La-Z-boy. I never know where I would actually put one. You know? Like, there's a couch and... well - there's just never room for a La-Z-boy. My dad had one. That was livin'. I am really, really tired. I like pizza though. Pizza is good. It rarely disappoints. I don't think I'd sacrifice pizza for a La-Z-boy. My waistline proves that. Man Carson could so easily return the favor in the opposite way. Gotta use my couple months off to get back to my fighting weight, but right now I just need to sleep. I'm tired.

Yeah folks, losin' my mind. Welcome to the beginning or the end of Up & Adam. This is what I think would make a great talk show - that I could actually pull off 4 nights a week assuming we knew our guests over a week in advance. And believe it or not - it would be easier to do this show Monday-Friday with cameramen, editors and writers than it is to pull off an Egos Episode. Anyone watching this Test show has to think it would be impossible to do nightly - but I'm telling you it's less ambitious than what I do already. Would just need a strong team around me.
Now there's no need to reiterate just how hellish this shoot was, as you can just read the last entry. Adding the test show really added very little time since we were set up anyway - but again the problem was "Adam"'s energy. 90 minutes of sleep really isn't an excuse as I did Spencer just fine. The bottom line is I simply forgot to act the way I wanted to. I needed a director there on the same page. That's it man. I acted like Cam instead of an enregetic Adam feeding off the crowd. Simply a mistake, but one that is a bit less noticeable in this Test Show as there's less Adam.

It's frustrating too that the bit in the dressing room and "cooking for carson" simply aren't the way I wanted them - but this is indeed a "Test Show"... and a no budget one at that. I did it for FREE as I knew we'd never get a budget to shoot this on its own merit - and free certainly shows. What sucks though is if there was TIME... even FREE could've rocked! But, blah blah blah - I'm just being hyper-critical. If you don't get how funny Cooking for Carson is in this rendition, you never would've thought it was funny. And nothing like Gary getting bitch-smacked. Ha.


And I sure do love the subtle special effects. The constant roto work really gets taxing - and as a viewer you have no idea how painstaking it can be, but you do know something is "up" with the shot. With Cameron walking onto a paused Adam set - it's a nice little moment where you just smile, because it's funny. I imagine someone who had never even seen an Egos show going: "Woah, wasn't expecting that..." - then seeing the Price is Right bit and goin WHAT THE HELL? Heh. Subtlety rules.

And in the Test show you can see how the same energy with Cameron, works. Cameron is very sarcastic, very "know-it-all" and very low-key. I like Cameron's energy...for Cam. It works with him andsy kind of comforting. He's exactly the guy to be going through the set and doing this... but man - Adam needs to POP. Really, be almost slightly annoying in his exuberence. So, like Spencer but not so flamboyant...and even that is in question sometimes. Heh. I just hope I get a chance to show me as a "host". There's always Thursday on The Early Show...

...oh and speaking of which - yes - this Thursday, September 20th, I will announce the winner of Living Room Live 3, Battle of the Bands, some time in the 8:00 hour. I will be back on the following Monday, the 24th, to interview and introduce the band - and then spend a week back in Columbus chillin' out.
I would love nothing more than to actually figure out this week what's going on with Living Room Live and my involvement with CBS now that Steve is gone, but knowing this business - I have a feeling it will be months of stress, worry and job hunting. Whoever said "Content is King" never read one page of "The Journey". :-)
Well, I'm "King for a Day" today and tomorrow I fly to NYC and see if I can steal some of that magic from 2006. It really is extraordinary that I'm flying out on the exact same date one year later. And the "most frustrating woman in the world" who I met exactly one year ago is now my wife travelling with me.
I love The Journey.
PS - I'm already getting emails for an mp3 of "Cooking for Carson" - hahaha. Here ya go...
Cooking for Carson - mp3 - 418k
Something tells my I'm gonna need to make a full version of this...