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12:01 AM, Monday, September 10th, 2007:
There are no copyright issues concerning this piece so please share it, steal it, wear it, feel it. :-)
His last chance...
I woke up Wednesday morning it was already past 9 AM which meant the email containing the winner had already been delivered. When I read the winner I jumped for joy because on the last week of the last finalist round in what could be the last season... Gary finally won. Poetic looking at it now. And just like that, Adam & all 5 Egos were able to be part of a finalist round from Cam's house. Very cool.

One of my favorite episodes by far as the effects worked very well and made me grin the whole show. Incredibly I made the biggest mistake of the season by leaving my HD camera on SD and thought I had ruined the whole show (I need HD to zoom around the shot). For the internet however, it works fine. Full resolution looks pretty rough, but it's still passable. Was a heart dropping moment for sure.
Also from time to time, I act like Gary when playing videogames - so that made me giggle a bit too. Ask Mr. Moose who has been on the receiving end of many ass-whoopins when it comes to videogame football (NFL2K5 being our favorite) - it's always a little something like this:
Ha ha ha.
So I have to cut this short because I have 2 weeks of animation to complete in 5 days. Thought I'd leave you with this cool still. While I was cutting out one of the 122 stills for the open I was left with this before I finished:
Ain't that slick? Thought it looked cool all messy like that. FYI the Price is Right set is ahead of me to my left.
Alright - back to work. Please be sure to comment and leave 5 stars on YouTube as some ass-clown gave a show 1 star the other day. Gotta balance out the 5th graders.