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11:13 PM, Thursday, September 6th, 2007:
A year ago today...
~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~ RANDOM!!! ~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~
~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~ GLEEFUL!!! ~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~
The producer of The Early Show on CBS said they want to do a piece on me and have me on the show introducing the winner of the competition two weeks from today in New York. I believe my reaction was something along the lines of:
"Are you FUCKING serious?!?!"
Ahh yes, back when I still used Journey Gods. Before so many unbelieveably good things happened to me that I gave up even posting them anymore. This was the most influential Journey entry of all-time at that point and in many ways it still is. This was the opportunity that I made every right decision. This was the one that ended up with me going to the next level - and a year later I'm still on that level... albeit a bit shaky at the moment. Read the entry last year if ya wanna know all the particulars (and the next two months if you want your jaw to drop because it's extraordinary what occured in September/October 2006)... this entry is really taking it all in and seeing "what happens next?"
I'm in a really strange place a year after that call. Things would go straight UP for my career in a way I've never known for week after week, month after month, for 70 straight entries and 6 straight months and then WHAP. A blast of cold NY air and it was all over. From that moment on I went back to the guy I was before the infamous call a year ago today: the schemer. There have been nice, happy little moments since then, but for all intents and purposes - the ride was over and I was now in the mode I've been comfortable in all my life:  struggling like CRAZY to get seen/heard/recognized...only this time with what would seem to be ideal situations to get just that. Which I guess makes it even more maddening that the struggle continues.
Artistically? I've actually outdone myself in the 6 months since the "communication breakdown" in March. That's the crazy thing. I start producing better and better material and somehow end up spinning my wheels more? The Journey in a nutshell. You gotta remember folks - the artistic journey and the puzzle that is "making it" are completely different paths. They just are. Accepting that allows the "anonymity" of what I've done lately a little easier to swallow. 'Cause as an artist... I'm happy. My work is gooooooooooood. The fact that everything has fallen through since March.... meh - who cares honestly. I'm making good shit. I'll keep playing the game, but I'm playing it as the old "scheming" Adam. I like that guy.
You guys confused yet? What about the test show? Isn't that in conjunction with the big locked entry in February? You've been alluding to it every show man... what the hell? To a degree, it is. Yes. But it's Adam scheming. It's Adam just making things happen and using every single opportunity to push my ideas further and further. The "help" I need to take it to the next level isn't really there anymore - and with what's happening with Steve any minute, that's not an exagerration. No, everything that's been going on with The Egos in the episodes is just a product of scheming and dreaming. And high quality work is always good for your career - but truthfully, it's not as important as luck. You hate to hear that don't you. You who is an amazing artist so incredible at your craft. You want to hear that you just have to be incredible at something and work hard and it will all work out. Not in show-biz baby. Everyone, repeat along with me: "Talent and hard work are the pre-requisites to even ATTEMPT this business." So once you meet those requirements the only variable for the break is time. The longer you're here - the more opprnities you'll get. If you're lucky one of those opportunities will blow up...much like CBS did a year ago today...
...but it deflates just as fast - that's show-biz. Stay a little longer, you just may get another "dream crack" phone call...and the privilege of starting the cycle allllllllllllllllll over again.