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12:01 AM, Monday, September 3rd, 2007:
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Sing, sing a song...
The final theater show of the season...and with last entry's news - this really could be it. That fact wasn't lost on me at all today. Pretty heavy. Apparently the peeps at CBS have known for weeks and everyone's a little anxious to say the least. We'll know next week, for now - on with the show as they say. Heh, I guess I'm part of "they" now aren't I? :-)

Very happy with this show. Very subtle moments (like Gary looking at his teeth in his bling)... just a very comfortable real show. Probably my favorite part about this whole season is that these characters came into their own like never before. Being able to just chill with them and have dialogue with them without "posing" all the time, to me, makes them pop off the screen. Subtlety has the reverse effect like that...
If you mention the poo one more time...
Kenny the sound man got a gig with Entertainment Tonight and unfortunately the sound was pretty distorted this week without him and hours of looping proved futile. Kinda messed up the mix of the song and kinda made me wanna rip my hair out. It's because we're using my consumer HD cam with consumer inputs and it freaks the professionals OUT. It's actually quite cute to tell you the truth. It's like being able to run the space shuttle but not be able to set the clock on your microwave...

...alas I finally just threw my hands up and said "most people won't notice" and really, there's only a few places that stick out - the rest is fine. By the way "I think I Can-Can-Cam" is the funniest line in the WORLD to me. LOL... and I know that it's just me (and Dewey) and the others' non-reactions are even funnier. It's such a moment that I would say out loud and expect uproarious laughter - and no one even smiles. God I love that Dewey moment.
And of course I have not one, but 2 cross-overs for fun. They're so commonplace now it doesn't even register. This shot rocks because it so looks like Cameron has CBS earrings. Ha. Talk about a team player right? Oh and let me also add: absolutely no offense to other bands by calling this the "best week ever". It was just a play on the VH1 show...although the bands were all good this week. I just couldn't ignore such an obvious title for 311.

And for those wondering what the hell the whole "poo" thing is about - I guess you missed this a couple years back? They finally charged the bus driver that "stated that he was not involved in this incident". It was a big headline in '04 but a lot of you had no idea what I was referring to.
Pretty wretched right? I can't imagine a worse situation than that man. Not to redo Dewey's monologue but can you fathom that scene? You're on a sight seeing tour boat, you go under a bridge and... christ. That's just so awful. It's been on one of those VH1 / E! shows as well but I guess it only resonated with me because even Producer Jim had no idea about it... and he works in news. So I just had to link you all to it so you knew I wasn't completely making it up.
Alright, back to more work on the opening for the season finale. Man I've really killed myself this time. It's gonna take everything I've got to pull off Week 13.