Entry #55
4:57 PM, Wednesday, June 28th, 2000:
Well now that's strange...a problem resolving itself that quickly. Not completely resolved, I guess...but at least there's a plan of action.
We found an apartment that didn't care about my trailer. Unfortunately that's the only spot we can have. Now of course when the city comes down on them as they did Riata (our current apartment complex), I'll be in the same predicament. But there's a good solution to that at least: Found a place in Chatsworth....a bit north of where we are now that lets you park stuff for like $50 a month. That will be my last resort...Not quitting 4tvs is worth $50 a month.
So all is good...right? Well...the apartment is a bit steep...and it's one bedroom....for $875 a month. You know you've lived in LA for too long when you're excited about your new 1 bedroom for nearly $900. It accepts cats, it's got a nice pool and the biggie: LOCATION. I guess only you living in LA would know the importance of being close to the 405 or 101.
Well we're next to both and we're in Sherman Oaks. Very nice part of town, in the middle of everything. In fact I have made a nice little video showing where we are moving to. Now I must admit....this is a bit cheap. Two entries and one video. All I can say is: Cut me some slack here. I did 53 straight videos per entry. I feel like I did back at WTVN when I had to come up with Top 9 lists every week. That got rough. I made it to 81 and then I just lost my mind. Oh well, the video's worth it. It's pretty funny.
YouTube link added 02.13.09
I got a parking ticket while signing off on everything at the apartment. Bastard. I came out at 12:07 to get in my car...and he was printing the ticket out as I was trying to zoom out. He won. Street cleaning every tuesdays at 12:00 - 2:00 PM. $40 is such a smack in the face...but oh well. The credit check for Jess and I was $60, and they're usually much higher. So whew.
The other absolute butt-head thing about all of this is we have to be out on July 31st, and the apartment isn't ready until August 3rd, so they can paint and stuff. Riata won't let us stay 2 more days. I can't believe they can't pro-rate us. They already freakin' ADDED a month. That's shitty enough...We're gonna be putting up some serious dough to hang out in a hotel for 2 days, and rent the big U-HAUL for 3 days. Which we wouldn't even need if they let us stay!!!!  My trailer and Jess's pick-up could get it all done in about 3 or 4 trips...for FREE. Bastards at Riata. Hopefully something comes up. The lady at the new apartment building was really nice. She may kick the tenant out a few days early...lol.
CD101 is KING! Congrats to all from CD101. When I heard that Channel Z went down, I had such a great feeling of pride. That party must've been the SHIT (from what I hear, it certainly was Vern). What a great 10 Year Anniversary Present! That along with The Blue Jackets...the future is as bright as ever for CD101. No station is more deserving of some great, hard-earned, breaks.
In Hollywood Screentest news, Movie Minded has been completely overhauled...for the better. We're shooting Episode 4 tomorrow and the changes are great. We're doing the Patriot, and now instead of the trailers, Live Adam will be spoofing the movies themselves as the TVs talk about the movie. If you'd like to see the first 3 episodes...well gimme some time...I'm looking for a little more server space, and I just may have it. When I do, I'll throw 'em up here for ya. They've turned out really good.
On the personal front, so many of you have asked me about the REAL story behind my first entry of June, and what the result has been. It's a tough one to really explain. In recent weeks, many wounds have been healed, and the Columbus wedding is on again. All I can say is I'm overjoyed that the miscommunications could be worked through and our wedding can be a day of happiness, and no other emotion. A lot of stress of course...but that's what weddings are for really. A life lesson on stress management. After planning a wedding, and living through the day...childbirth seems a bit easier to undertake.
So the next 2 months are gonna be insane. Hopefully on September 1st, Jess and I can sit back and relax for the first time...wow. Ever since November of 1998 Jess and I have been stressing. Wow. Damn 4tvs. I can't wait for football....oooh and Dennis Miller. Sorry about my previous Jim Rome take. I could've sworn he said he had the gig...and he would've rocked....though his left ear is just too funny. I'd laugh at him on Monday Night Football. It just DARTS out. ANYWAY. I love Dennis Miller...it should be an interesting football season. Go Bears. Man that's laughable in itself. At least I know they'll be better than the Steelers this year. :-) Take that Marty. Man moose...I miss playing Blitz. You gotta get back to LA soon.
Well, goodbye June. I guess now it gets really hot in LA. Great. I thought 105 was hot.
Love from SoCal...
Jess & Adam
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JUNE 2000