Entry #54
11:12 AM, Monday, June 26th, 2000:
Not that I want drama and despair, but the story's been a bit blaaaaaand lately. At least now you'll have something to keep you guys awake.
Alright, enough of the tongue in cheek shit...this really sucks:
It is now against the law to park a trailer in any residential parking lot in the city of Los Angeles. They cracked down on our apartment building a week ago becuase they happen to be remodeling, and well...that's where the city is starting. Why? No clue. I guess it doesn't look nice. You should see the pathetic pieces of crap parked in this lot, and my little white trailer doesn't look nice. The inspector guy is coming back on July 25th to make sure they're cool, and since we just gave out 30 day notice....they'll let us slide 6 more days until we're out. So then what...
Well the other dude here with a trailer also uses his trailer for business. He repairs pool tables. He has bought a house and is moving out in 5 days. Can't afford a house...you kidding?
Storage. Great..$75 a month for storage for a storage vehicle. Only problem is, that that thing won't fit in the little storage centers out here. It barely fit in Jess's parent's house garage, and we had to unhook the door. Wouldn't fit at all in the garages in our last apartment in columbus. Only the old big wooden ones from the 50's seem big enough.
Sell the trailer and all the equipment and say goodbye to 4tvs. Ouch. This is actually an option. Of course every other option would have to be drained, but what else can we do? You can't park it on the street...
Then as we were watching the real estate show we saw a house for $99,950. Holy shit. That's the first house I have EVER seen at $100 grand. Seriously. So now things start to brighten a bit...just maybe in 5 weeks we can pull this off. Ahem...I called this morning and found out it was a 1 bedroom condo. LOL. The guy was really nice, and just said I was dreaming. I askedd him: "...is a $5000 downpayment and a $1000 a month gonna happen?" He just said no. Even in the worst areas of town. If we lived in Lancaster maybe. It's about an hour north of us. Well, we may have to consider it. Who knows. Unfortunately nothing looks good.
So I think...ahhh! The Hollywood Screentest owner was in Real Estate for like 25 years. I bet he'd be able to help us. He shot me with a nice dose of reality. "You're lookin' at $175,000 easy for the cheapest home you can find, and you'll need at least 10% down." Yeah, well - guess what AIN'T happenin'. Jesus. You in Columbus have to be shaking your heads a little bit. $100,000 will buy you an alright house with a backyard and even a BASEMENT. Which for earthquake reasons are not very feasible 'round these parts.
So there you are. A nice bit of despair to keep you going for the summer at least. The thing that really sucks is...4tvs makes no money. Indirectly of course it can lead to so much money. But right off the bat...it's just a drain. And the set-up being as big as it is...maybe I can downsize? Shit that would cost money too though. To buy 4 19 inch TVS. Well...you at home put your thinking tooks on for me.
Oh, and we got to see the Bolshoi Ballet do Romeo & Juliet Saturday night. When we flew to Columbus last time, we got laid over in Minneapolis and met the vice-president of the LA Music Theater somethin'-somethin'... He sent us tickets ($180 a pair!), to see the ballet. How cool is that? I gotta tell you though...seein' a play without words...is just plain boring. I don't care how well they can jump and twirl. We all know the story, but maaaaaan....it was just 3 1/2 hours of jumpin' and twirlin. I'm a guy though. My favorite part was when the curtain actually fell ON Romeo and Juliet. It was AWESOME. They were about a foot off their mark and WHAM. Almost knocked 'em over. The whole place just roared. LOL. And it was in the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion!!! Where they did the Oscars! We were in the gold circle, front row...perfect seats. It's the first balcony. First balcony front row is always the best place to see a play...bar none. I've sat in the actual front row before and it's just stupid. It's only good if you want to try and touch the guiter player's leg at a rock concert. Otherwise it just hurts your neck.
Ok, so there's our drama. Something tells me that after all we've been through...something will pop-up out of nowhere and save our butts. I hope people don't have a set number of things like that. 'Cause I sure have used a LOT in my life.
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Jess and Adam
JUNE 2000