Entry #51
4:33 PM, Saturday, June 10th, 2000:
Whew. Do I feel like a moron. Ya see, I always did it this way, and I guess I was just lucky before.
So we were defrosting our dumpster fridge, because it was starting to smell again, and well it had turned into pure frost. Great for the electric bill this fridge is. So jess is using a hair dryer and I decide to give her a bit of a lesson in refrigerator repair. I think the scene went a little like this:
ME: "Step aside, honey...I'll show you how to defrost a freezer..."
HER: "I don't think you're supposed to use a screw driver..."
...a yellow mist of free-on sprays in my face as my ego falls to the floor. All I could muster was a "whoops". Now I'm not sure if free-on in the face is a bad thing, but the world looks a lot more PURPLE than it used to.
Now in my defense, the freezer box had crumbled into the tray that is supposed to be BENEATH it, thus exposing the free-on tube, whereas before when I used this method it was still intact. Which would explain why I never had this happen before. Still doesn't help me from feeling like an idiot though. It was kinda funny then, but $500 later I just feel stupid.
Oh, and we got denied for a Best Buy card. Can I please get a little pissy here. This happened back in Columbus when I was trying to buy the amp for 4tvs. I couldn't get credit for a freakin' $500 amp, but the $22,000 Camry in the parking lot was just fine. What in the HELL are the requirements here? It drives me nuts when I get denied for credit at stores, when I have such a great credit history...and a LOOONG one. Oh well. Guess you have to be a home owner before they think you can afford a fridge. It is a nice fridge though. And Marty and I didn't have to carry it up the steps!!!
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YouTube link added 02.13.09
Check out the guys bringing it in!! I felt all important.
Life is finally getting back to normal around here, but soon to be bown to hell when we have to move next month. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to the fall. First of all Jim Rome is gonna be co-hosting Monday Night Football. I mean how FREAKIN' COOL IS THAT. It also comes on at 6 PM out here and that's just incredible...and we can finally start paying back my grandparents that loaned us so much money in December.
Just thought you'd like to know that I'll be re-enacting yet another scene from the Karate Kid tonight. Remember the beach and that dumb-ass kick I tried to do? Now I'm doing an early scene where they had a little beach party with a bon-fire. LOL. Yes, it makes my journals when Jess and I actually go to a party. That's about how exciting our social lives are. I'm glad I know karate. I was a blue-belt when I was 7. So no little DOJO gangs will beat my ass and break Jess's boom-box.
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(sigh) I'll shut up now....
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