12:58 PM, Monday, August 31st, 2015:
I cannot believe the amount of changes to GolfKon since the last tournament. The back of the property is unrecognizeable. I haven't even chronicled the broadcast booth and technically 4th bar I put up - AND I'M DOING ANOTHER ONE! But nothing is as impressive as this trellis. Holy shit...
Man do I love this trait about me. It's the one thing I can say I'm absolutely proud of without feeling arrogant: I make positives out of negatives almost 100% of the time. It's very difficult, but it's that itching feeling of not accepting failure. Not wanting to lose. Knowing there's a way. Get fired? Make choices now where when you look back? That firing was the best thing that could've happened. Break your leg? See it as an opportunity to focus on things that aren't physical and be in a better position than before the accident. All of which is a result of having a tremendous amount of failure and personally devastating losses. There's some strange saying that you should never trust anyone with no regrets and it always irked me. I don't have any because I'm extremely considerate, thoughtful and make positives out of negatives. Not because I have no ability to feel remorse. I make lemonade out of lemons so well my biography should be called "The Lemonade Life". And this trellis, is absolutely, The Lemonade Trellis.
Not sure I can express the depression I felt at having to take that tree down earlier this month. It was the inconvenient truth to building so much around a tree that has no business even being in this climate to begin with. It's a disaster waiting to happen and in fact MASSIVE chunks have fallen multiple times since I've owned the property. I finally just thought "Adam, you'll find a creative way around the empty space - just believe that and pull the trigger..." And it worked. This thing is incredible. For a little sense of scale...
That's Cameron down there picking up his ball. It opens up the back of the property so much it's actually hard to process in pictures. So thankfully, I'm now THRILLED that tree had to come down because it forced ALL of this building. Of all the years to have attempted this much, I can't believe I pulled it off - but now it's just clean-up and the final two counters under the pergola. One week to go until Labor Day!