9:08 PM, Monday, August 17th, 2015:
So yeah. I have nothing really to say, it all feels like gloating. It's all unbelievable and somehow it keeps happening. This happened Saturday:
What can you possibly say. Lea was as adorable in person as she comes across in that video and it was as much of a thrill to drive my car into Dodger Stadium as you can imagine it was. And to Dodger fans out there, I knew Kershaw's name, I had NO idea what he looked like - and I do feel foolish. I'm asking the guy for directions. LMAO.
It actually kinda kills me because as an NBA and NFL fan, you always see those random people that get unprecedented access to the stars you would've LOVED to meet... and they don't know them. And it just KILLS you. What a wasted opportunity. Like the people with great seats at the game that dont care about it while you're in the rafters screaming your lungs out. Such is life.
And yesterday, I got to be that asshole who hadn't the slightest idea who one of the biggest players in the Major Leagues was. ANd again, since I listen to Sports Talk, I know exactly how big he was... ugh. I'll stop now.
But yes - Lea! 2nd time we met, wish we could've actually talked a bit more but it was so unbearably hot, we hid in the shadows until we HAD to get in the car... I eventually want her on Hats & Minigolf she has a great story.
And, well, as I mentioned in the last entry - it does indeed die down for the publicity type events. I'm foregoing all of that in October to make a small fortune... actually, nothing small about it. There's just so much money to be made that month I'm missing my own 40th birthday. Real life pauses in October and resumes in November. But as I keep repeating as I shake my head, what a chapter. I was at lunch yesterday and saw it covered in the Daily Mail from Great Britain. That's amazing. You can even see me in the AP car pic from the story...
That's also probably why I don't really care as much about October - it can't top this shit. This is all very singular, incredible 2015 stuff that will be my own personal memories. Priceless. Also priceless is that Talya FINALLY got to see a cool event. This became our "date night" and she and Jimmy got to hang. Seizing the moment I asked Jimmy to get a behind the back picture as I looked at the stadium to take it all in.