5:38 PM, Monday, August 10th, 2015:
It's not gonna get much cooler than this. First, let me share the RentTheDelorean.com teaser I made because I made a separate video for The Journey...
This video was blacked out on 8/11/15 and updated with a new logo on 9/18/15 (see Entry #1567)
Holy shit that was epic. And I mean epic. Not the overused hipster term. That was incredible. And now, here's a alightly less edited 15 minute version. Heh.
Man, what can you say that hasn't already been said or at the very least SEEN in that incredible video?
First and foremost, I can finally be 9 with this car. I explained this a bit in the last locked entry, but of course... you can't read that until fall. So I'll explain it a bit in more depth here.
The past year or so I haven't really enjoyed this car the way most people assume. It represented Karen's money, a massive responsibility and constant liability. And last year in particular I was NOT doing well at getting business. $2800 last year? It was stress, and very likely going to be sold...
...now however, I've paid off the FULL amount of the car and am now working through all the tinier expenses (that alone are $10-$12,000) that go into this car. So, this is mine now. In fact, the business has shifted so much to brokering for OTHER cars, I can see the future where I never take my car out, I just give other owners the gigs and take the cut. Especially if Hats & Minigolf takes off. Which means? This is now actually a toy. I could lose this car right now? And still make a ton of money of RentTheDelorean.com. Suddenly, I have a ridiculously expensive prop that I can enjoy. It will take me some time to get there (clearly after the fall), but today was the start. Without a doubt. Other than the fact that I said "fuck" every other word, that video was me being 9 years old watching Back to the Future. I talk very little about how much I like the movie as a kid, because I'm nowhere near the level of fanboy about it as the other fans I've met. I'm a businessman first, with very specific goals I need to meet.
...but I met and exceeded those... hell within 3 months of this year. So now I really can remember what that movie meant to me. The absolute wonder at every aspect of it. The 80s were a pretty wonderful decade to be a kid when it came to movies. They really encapsulated wonder like nothing before it. Spielberg of course being at the foundation of nearly all of them. Remarkable to think about. In fact, take out the movies Spielberg had a hand in? Wow. It's a different decade for sure.
But that's what this video signifies. Joy. The fact that I got Jimmy in is so awesome. I also got my friend Arthur in as he, hmmm... I can't actually say why he was there, but he had a legit reason. Ha. October 21st will be here before you know it and I can say everything! The crazy thing is, THIS Saturday? I drive Lea Thompson INTO Dodger Stadium, onto the field to throw out the first pitch. What the serious fuck. It's very possible this summer will be the pinnacle of these types of "cool" events as what I'm booking in the fall are all one-off normal rentals. I decided to stop waiting for the big stuff and book EVERYTHING. I'll worry about which car will be where when we're closer... but I'm booking everything. The real reason? All the cool gigs will be free. They will be the prestige events that people want simply because they can say Fox, Lloyd or Thompson sat in their car. I'm excited to say that too, but I can't give up tens of thousands of dollars for that. Thankfully I'm getting both. These dog days of summer are incredible, but I see a shift happening...
...and that was always the plan. Make enough to keep that car on the course and push Hats & Minigolf. And although things have gotten delayed with that, it's still very much happening. I kinda see the whole thing coming together and I will be happy to move away from the insanity that is RentTheDelorean.com. It isn't really me. It was just a chapter that got me to the next one...
...but wow - WHAT A CHAPTER!