7:15 PM, Wednesday, August 5th, 2015:
I guess the video says it all...
It's weird, right? I will say this, I've stopped recycling glass. I did that a couple years back. I put that in the blue bin and the peeps come by and steal that from our trash... they pay so little for glass and it's extremely heavy and I always get cut somehow. And I think that's the part I should make clear: our city picks up all of our recycling for free in LA. I have 2 blue bins actually. No I choose to separate them, store them myself in garbage bags in my trailer and then every couple months sort them and get the pennies myself. This time was for the entire year so it was over $170, but it's a lot of collecting, a lot of sorting - and really? You're just getting back the money you already spent. In california they charge you the recycle cost up front of 5 or 10 cents. You only get that BACK if you do what I do. And still, no one I know does it. Because that's what the illegal aliens do.
Why don't I care? I mean I must care a little if I'm making an entry out of it. Part of me is annoyed that this isn't an everyday part of people's lives. It's too hard for them? It seems like too much of a pain in the ass? I mean... I guess... but goddamn, I do harder shit than this for free. Daily. I just cannot believe people throw that much money away sometimes.
And yes, of course it has to do with coming out here with nothing and dumpster diving with Jess. Hell we recycled CARDBOARD back then. That was strugglin' man. I can't even imagine if we tried that shit now - with the amount we get from Amazon? Holy hell.
...great, now I'm wondering how much they pay for cardboard. LMFAO. GODDAMNIT! NO! I'm TIRED!
So there it is. One of the oddities about how my head works no matter how much I make, no matter how successful I am, I may always do this.