4:07 PM, Sunday, August 2nd, 2015:
It's finished!
So I announced that everyone who has won a tournament will get their very owned theme drink for the bar and as you can see from the video, Fred went all out. Fred, Fred Wine goes a little something like this...

Fred Fred Wine

  • 750ml Camarena tequila (or any quality mixing tequila. NO CUERVO. EVER.)
  • 1 cup simple syrup (1 part sugar, 1 part water, boiled)
  • 4 fresh jalapeno peppers
  • limes (1 per drink)
  • 4-pack of Cheerwine
  • sugar with lime zest
  • authentic (all-natural, unbleached) bing cherry garnish
  • gloves
  • Open the tequila. Chill a shot in the freezer for you and a friend. Throw on some loud music.
  • Put on the gloves.
  • Slice the jalapeno peppers into thin (seedless) spears and drop them into the tequila bottle. Let it steep in the fridge overnight. (Optional: Separate the seeds, and save them for your next planting season.) `
  • Zest a lime and add to organic, pure cane sugar for the glass rims.
  • Shots!
  • Dance around to the music.
  • Chill/freeze martini glass. When ready to pour, wet the rim with lime juice and coat rim with sugar-lime zest mix.
  • In a shaker with minimal ice, gently swirl the following:
  • 1 oz Jalapeno-infused tequila
  • 1 oz fresh-squeezed lime juice
  • 1 oz Cheerwine
  • ½ oz simple syrup
  • Pour into martini glass, garnish with natural cherry, the darker the better. If you’re brave, add a jalapeno spear to the garnish.
  • Feel the burn. …Is the music still on?
Sweet hell. To give you an idea, Michael has a gin and tonic with mint and rasberries, Matt just said "diet vernors and OJ" and Don poured a shot of whiskey in his malt liquor.
Fred goes BALLS OUT. And holy shit - it's really good! Like, nothing about what you read there sounds good to me. It sounds like a pain in the ass and every ingredient sounds gross to me. But you put it all together? It's awesome. I wasn't lying in the video. I really dug it.
So yes, opening night at the GolfKon Bar was special. For me? I just couldn't really process it all. I think this more than anything has been pretty transformative. It's like the guesthouse that I built, except I never get to use that. This? Talya and I will most likely use it every day. It FEELS like you're somewhere else. It feels like a bar. The wood panneling, the mood lighting, the TV. It's just transformative. And the height! What is is about bar height and chair height that just feels... special? Hard to explain. I mean, I grew up in bars because my mom was a waitress and my father owned one, but as an adult? I've never really been into them. Talking is my "mating ritual" of choice and that's kind of the last place that's possible...
...but I do like the idea of them. I love low light restaurant/bars. I enjoy a good drink. I like the feeling of sitting at a bar and talking. So this was a fantastic night to have everyone come by... and of course, right behind you? Minigolf! Just seems right. :-)
Of course the grand total didn't seem right. Raw materials? Raw... not the tv, not wiring, not the bar chairs... just raw materials: $1230. What the serious fuck already. I guessed $500. I mean, yay, I can throw $1230 at a project without it hurting, but goddamn. That's a lot of wood. And I honestly forgot that when you raise something up 9 feet? You're doubling up a good bit of wood just in the framing of the thing whereas the carport for the Delorean was only 6 feet at the bottom. BIG difference. Still, wood is very very expensive in comparison to even 2 years ago. Really surprised me. But it's doine!
And so am I for a bit. I may take a worrying tree limb down which if 2007 is any indication will be a nightmare cleanup, but the construction is done until labor day.