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On February 4th, 2001, Adam had lunch with Charlotte, the producer of a short film that Adam did the musical score for. She had seen the show the week before and thought it was a shoe-in for the Aspen Comedy Festival if it was turned into a 30 minute one-man show. In one afternoon, Adam found a year's worth of direction. It was yet another avenue for 4TVs to make a dent in the industry.
"The idea of a one-man show had never occured to me, but I welcomed it with open arms. The idea of an audience that would come to a theater and stay there for 30 minutes as opposed to the bar or cafe crowd going in an out was a freedom I had never had in the 'writing' sense. Now I could do I could have a storyline. It was incredibly freeing."
For the next several months, Adam and Charlotte hammered out the script and started shooting in June. With very little make-up, simply changing hair length, facial hair and eyebrows, Adam truly became the characters. The show debuted on 9/30/01 to rave reviews and 2 months later Adam had the thrill of a lifetime by knocking 'em dead at the world famous Comedy Store in Hollywood.
Unfortunately, the show's uniqueness proved to be a negative to the judges at Aspen and they passed on the show. Charlotte and Adam soon parted ways, but The Trinitrons have lived on. Adam completed the sequel in 2003, and is finishing off the trilogy with a final show in 2004. Be sure to check out the journey for updates. You can also purchase DVDs of the first two shows at