After Adam's break-up with his manager, he suddenly found himself without any direction for the first time in his life. Artisitcally it lead him to create the short film "Stability, Potential, Success" which basically reassured who he believed he was, and what he was doing in LA. But he knew there was a bigger story to tell. It was this period that lead him to the idea of a serious, dramatic one-man show about his journey in LA.
"With 4TVs I have the unique ability to tell a story with the same TVs that make up that story. So when I'm sitting there talkin about the highs of The Comedy Store, I can go a step-further by standing up and actually doing part of the show - hell even have the actual audience reaction from that moment playing. That along with the fact that I've videotaped every big moment for use on the site, allows for an amazingly real, and emotional journey for the audience. One that has never been attempted to this degree."
In 2005, Adam will weave the first 5 years of The Journey into one of the most dramatic acting moments of his life. From the highs to the unbelieveable lows, the story of 4TVs goes deeper than anyone can imagine. In the meantime, The Journey continues to move forward...inadvertently adding to this one-man show.