9:30 PM - 8:00 AM, Monday - Tuesday, April 7th - 8th, 1997:
Went in early to start the editing on The Late Show CD. It’s going to take awhile. Damn near every call tonight was about The Sheik and why everyone hates him. It was good advertising for him, but they all can’t stand his voice. You know, they do have a point, it gets annoying as hell. Anyway, Cannon just doesn’t know how to deal with these calls. He gets all paranoid. He ends up leaving them on for 10 minutes until they get into bashing ALL of the programming changes and then he tries to stick up for everything and look good. Of course Darryl has told both of us that when it comes to the old changes quit talking about them. They’re over already. Ahh well. I did what I could. After his show I went in and started editing the Late Show CD during Art Bell, and stayed there until I got it done! 81 tracks and 73 minutes and 59 seconds. Wow. It’ll rock.
10:30 PM - 5:15 AM, Tuesday - Wednesday, April 8th - 9th, 1997:
So when I come in there’s a memo to Steve and I about not having callers on that will bitch about past programming changes. I knew it. Dumb ass Steve. I go in and ask him if he saw the memo and says: "Yeah, did Darryl call you?" "Nope..." Then Steve tells me that Darryl doesn’t want any complaint calls about The Sheik or any of the changes. I was so pissed. I can’t bellieve Darryl is telling us to stop the calls about the sheik. It’s perfect advertising for him! Does Darryl want The Sheik to fail? Oh well, Steve told me Darryl was adamant about this. So tonight I screened out every call that wanted to talk about Tom. I don’t get it. Good night for Steve though. All night on the arena. Jesus, enough already! Then Mary Jo comes in again for Joe because he’s sick. And she says she was there during Darryl’s call to Steve on speaker phone. Darryl fuckin screamed at him. She said he was the maddest she’s ever seen him. Caught Steve in his petty lies about what he did on the air. "Steve, I fuckin’ heard you keep that guy on for 10 minutes as he went on and on about the old changes..." I guess Steve denied it. Then he blamed it on me for not screening them!! WHAT THE HELL. All they wanted to talk about was The Sheik, and Steve kept them on so long that they eventually got into the old programming changes. And I told him to wrap it up when they got to that!!! Goddamn this pisses me off. He always tries to fuckin’ blame me! Darryl ripped him a new asshole, and said (get this) "The calls about Sheik are fine, but no calls about the old changes!" Fuckin’ A. Then Steve lies to me and says no SHEIK complaint calls. Son of a bitch. I can’t wait until the meeting to tell Darryl all this. Steve is finally caught in a lie that he can’t get out of.
10:30 PM - 5:15 AM, Wednesday - Thursday, April 9th - 10th, 1997:
10:30 PM - 5:00 AM, Thursday - Friday, April 10th - 11th, 1997:
Christ, this night couldn’t have come any quicker. Sick of this job. Aah!! End of week 12, and a week from Saturday will be my 90th Day. Darryl promised me a reevaluation at that point. And MY DEAR LORD if Darryl doesn’t show me some sort of positive, like A RAISE, I’m going to be hard pressed not to start selling myself to other stations. Do I need an agent? I feel like I really don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to "selling myself". I’m partly putting it off because of that, but I’m also putting it off because there’s still some light at the station, and I love doing my show, and let’s not forget the beautiful digital editor. God I love that machine. Oh well. Sat in for a whole hour with the Sheik. A preview of things to come? Who knows. But it was nice getting on the air then. Another good night for Cannon and I happily told him. I do try to tell it like it is. If he’s got a good show, he’s got a good show. Arena shit the last 2 nights, but definitely a nice mixed bag. Same thing during Art Bell. ZZZZZZ... Edited some shit for Sheik though. Kind of a SLAM mix. Callers have been giving him hell and I’ve been trying to make a song out of it. That’s it, meeting tomorrow. ON MY FUCKIN’ DAY OFF. Oh well, this should be fun.
8:00 PM - 2:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, April 12th - 13th, 1997: SHOW 244
Damn these meeting postponements! I really want to bitch about Cannon, and the further removed to the specific night, the weaker my argument. DOH! Tonight’s show though, rocked. Made a new song about how bad baseball sucks which garnered several supportive calls (sorry Aaron!). Very fun, very fast and the way things oughts be! Once again. It’s that broken record thing. I honestly feel I have the best show on the air right now and yet I’m still doing weekends, and only 5 hours at that. I was at 12 hours before! (Sigh) I’ve really worked on everything Darryl said. The diction. The direction. All of that, but nothing from him. Frustration abounds. Highlights of the night, we had a bi-sexual couple on that fielded calls about their lifestyle. That was cool. Burgundie came in and took pictures for the cover of the Late Show CD, was very fun.
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There were a lot of laughs, and a bit of serious talk about Tiger Woods, who’s kickin’ ass at the Masters, and racism in general. The show turned out very well and I felt good about it. That’s all you can ask for.
7:30 PM - 11:30 PM, Sunday, April 13th, 1997: SHOW 245
Now this my friend was a perfect show. I did it GOOD tonight. Used some E-Mail’s as an opening for the racism topic. Did an opening monologue segment took the first break and then slowly took calls. It was great. The second hour had a bit more comedy, and everything seemed very well strung together. Felt very strong, and the callers seemed almost planted. Very strong tape to play for Darryl on Monday.