10:30 PM - 5:00 AM, Monday - Tuesday, March 31st - April 1st, 1997:
Well, it was Hansel’s last night. When I walked in the first thing Cannon said was: Have you talked to Steve? I was thinking the same thing. What the hell do you say? Cannon said, he worked with him for almost 8 years, and it was very awkward. I told him he probably wasn’t leaving, that he’d still be the producer, but I don’t know if he’d stick around for that. I looked around the studio a bit, and still NOTHING about the Sheik. What’s up with this? I can’t believe it. No promotion at all? Hell, I’d be pissed. Something seems wrong. So then I come out of the production room and see that Cannon and Hansel are talking and Cannon says he had a killer last 6 weeks, and Hansel said thanks. Then when Cannon left I turned to Steve and said: "So what the hell happens now?" He looked down and said:
"Tom takes over and they want me to produce, I’ll do that for about a week. When they told me about this, the way the described what they wanted, I thought you were getting the job. Would you have wanted it?"
I couldn’t believe he just said that. "Uh, yes. I was a little surprised too. Not because it wasn’t me, but because it was the sheik. I wasn’t too horribly impressed with him before when he guest hosted." And that was about it. God, I wanted to talk to him more after he said that, but I had to fuckin’ listen to Cannon. Well, with his "week" line, it looks like they're moving me to nite talk producer, and Sarah to Cannon’s producer much more likely. I feel pretty bad for Hansel though. Man was his last 6 weeks killer. He wasn’t boring. Well, at times he was, but I think that’s just my bias towards talk in general. For someone who just does talk, he kicked butt. Cannon’s show was alright, but GOD DO I WANT OUT. This change, or promise of the change needs to happen quickly or I may lose my mind waiting for it. Try this. It’s like sitting in a 3 hour lecture. It fuckin’ blows. And he wouldn’t do anything for April Fool’s Day! AGAIN! (Look at last year’s entry). What a pussy. Instead he said we were going to all jazz tomorrow and played jazz cuts for bumpers for the 12:00 hour. Then gave it away the next hour. WHAT A LOSER. Started to edit the lesbian deal Sunday night during Art Bell. And get this! Conners had 90 seconds of spots! One at the begining and one at the end. That’s it. The man who usually has the most, had hardly any. I talked to Bob about it and he said the sales people are worrying about other radio stations when they should be worrying about the newspaper. Though you can’t compete with the newspaper, I guess I see his point. No I don’t. Ah well. We talked quite a bit. He was in a good mood. I asked Joe if he thought it was weird that there was no ink anywhere on the sheik, and he agreed. Nothing in the paper, no press release or anything. And all this on April Fools. SOMETHING IS WRONG. I’ll find out tomorrow.
10:30 PM - 5:00 AM, Tuesday - Wednesday, April 1st - 2nd, 1997:
I guess nothing really is wrong. Shiek was on and he mentioned me on the air. Talked about the lesbian thing that was cool. He is funny, but his voice, man, that will take some getting used to. It really was weird seeing Hansel running someone else’s board. Mary Jo gave me the impression that Steve was staying as producer. Hmm. That’s what babies can do for ya. (He just had a girl). We’ll see. Cannon on the other hand had one of the worst shows he’s ever had. About 5 callers. Ugh, he’s only bearable knowing I may be working with Sheik soon. I hope that happens. But if Steve stays... and Sarah, what the hell good is she now? Something is bound to change soon. More tomorrow.
10:30 PM - 5:00 AM, Wednesday - Thursday, April 2nd - 3rd, 1997:
I just realized why Nite Talk sucks so much. The fuckin’ Reds. Wow. Sheik was on for 10 minutes tonight. I really don’t know if I could deal with that. Man. I couldn’t. I’ll never understand why they run the Reds. They’ll never develop Nite Talk into anything with that on there. Nite Talk needs a GREAT HOST, with GREAT SUPPORT to make it a viable option for the listener. But as it is, they sneak Tom in and then run the Reds. How fucked up is that? Anyway, Cannon had a great guest who talked about how to get out of tickets. All 3 hours of course and filled lines. Cannon was surprised. Why? This isn’t rocket science Cannon. Heart and the wallet. The determining factors in callers. This hit both. He seems so clueless. He always asks me: "Was it me? How did I do?" He’s the fuckin’ same EVERY NIGHT. He has never changed. Oh well. Finished editing the lesbian thing during Art Bell. That was very cool. Ok. LAST day tomorrow. Thank God.
10:30 PM - 5:00 AM, Thursday - Friday, April 3rd - 4th, 1997:
Jesus. Let it end. Let it end! Actually it wasn’t too bad tonight, Cannon and I had some laughs. But it is glaringly apparent I need to work with someone who wants to have some fum on the radio. Cannon isn’t. 12 weeks are over, and I can’t believe it. 12 weeks of listening to his show, and my head hurts. It just hurts. It actually was a quick week, but man, sick of running Cannon. The Sheik said he would love for me to do voices for his show!!! Let something happen soon please. (sigh) Well, now I get to enjoy myself for 3 days. Or at least 2.
9:00 PM - 2:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, April 5th - 6th, 1997: SHOW 242
WHAT AN AWESOME NIGHT. First of all Eddie didn’t show up. No idea why, but he didn’t for some reason. Neither did Shawn. It was me and BJ. And actually BJ was cool. Aaron came in and had some fun too. The cool part, actually the whole night was good, but at 1:00 I did a remote!! We saw these fishermen fishing on Broadcast Lake and I decided to go over and interview them. Well within minutes, Greg had this whole portable remote rigged up! So I did 30 minutes of the show walking around outside! It was great. I had to walk up the wrong way on this off ramp and slide down this muddy incline in my sandals. It was funny. Did some fishin’ fielded some calls and had a ball. JESUS! PUT ME ON DURING THE WEEK!!!!!! Christ, the show is so much fun. I’m willing to do crazy shit and people know it. Good bye Cannon. AHHH!!! Oh well. Had a 14 yr. old call up and she played lesbian for me. Well, she said she was 22. (sigh) Then her DAD gets on and says nope, she’s 14. Yikes. It was funny though. We had Dave-Man sing to us which was nice. It was a great show. And that remote was fun as hell. Ok, more tomorrow.
8:00 PM - 11:30 PM, Sunday, April 6th, 1997: SHOW 243
Ugh. Bad night. Really bad night. 10 calls all night, and that was thanks to 5 in the last half hour. It had been a really long time since I had a night as slow as this. In fact, with the new hours, I don’t think I ever have. Oh well. Ain’t nothing to worry about. Shawn didn’t show up again, what’s up with that? Danielle did though! She’s this black girl who always calls Steve and I up, and she said she needed a job. So I said she could come down and be my Robin Quivers. Heh heh. I think she was kind of nervous. I also don’t know if she’s opinionated enough to be able to do it, but we did read her resume on the air (she let me, this ain’t no Mosic deal) and that was funny. Hoping someone would just offer her a job. No one did. Shit happens. That would be about it. A meeting with Darryl tomorrow and it’s big. He better say somethin’ about working with The Sheik. I cannot handle Cannon much longer.