2:00 PM, Tuesday, March 11th, 1997:
The show last night was alright, but after calling Mary Jo I find out apparently Steve is still calling her for ideas and running guests by her. HA HA HA. She fuckin’ hates that. Every time, CALL ME STEVE. RUN THE GUESTS BY ADAM. So we’ll see what he’s like at work tonight. Mary Jo really gets pissed. It’s cool. So from now on all guest go by me. Cool. Oh and Mary Jo’s getting me a voice mail number!!! Yahoo! I’m a real person now.
10:00 PM - 5:00 AM, Tuesday - Wednesday, March 11th - 12th, 1997:
I walk into work...
"Well, apparently I have to run everything by you from now on..."
"Hello Steve..."


He throws all these things by me, not literally, and then starts bitching about how chicken soup for the soul is stupid and he doesn't know what to ask this guest. What? Apparently Cannon already booked a guest tonight, and Tuesday night, and Wednesday night, and Thursday night, and I had no clue. Hello, I had no clue. He decides at 11:00 to cancel the guest so I get to call him. Great. What part of run the guests by me didn’t he get. I kind of ripped him one this time. Mary Jo JUST TALKED TO HIM, and now this. This should be it however. He actually apolgized for not "getting with the program sooner" I feel kinda studly. :-) Anyway his show was the same old shit.
10:00 PM - 7:00 AM, Wednesday - Thursday, March 12th - 13th, 1997:
WHAT AN AWESOME GUEST. I couldn’t believe it. Of course Steve was being extremely pompous off the air... "I’m a pretty good judge of these sorts of things..." What a penis. Anyway, we went 3 hours with this dude. Dr. Cass Ingam. A nutritionist... it was so interesting, I was barely able to screen the calls. Hell, I wanted to hear him. It was great. I hope Mary Jo isn’t pissed. She said 30 minutes, an hour tops for guests. It was the right decision though. Loads of calls and lots of information. Afterwards I recorded a song for my CD! Got it done in one night, and a bit of the morning. "Maybe..." MAYBE this will be a cool entry in 10 years.
10:45 PM - 5:00 AM, Thursday - Friday, March 13th - 14th, 1997:
Steve’s show sucked, his guest sucked, and he got about 8 calls in 3 hours. I'm done writing about uneventful Steve shows. Meeting later today.
3:30 PM, Friday, March 14th, 1997:
Meeting #8. I don’t even know where to start. I have less confidence in myself than I’ve ever had in my life. It’s pretty amazing. Somehow he listened to my show and slammed me. He said nix the Boyles and Dr. Dick. Outta here. NOW. They aren’t funny. He wants me to just do talk. I guess. Stop the production and talk? Why don’t you just take ME out of my show? Come on Darryl. I have a feeling I’m not gonna be around too much longer. My uniqueness at the station is how creative the show is (remember the Other Paper article?) Take that away, and what am I? I want to entertain. Anyway, it was rough. Says I need to have about 3 or 4 topics and stick with them one at a time to get callers. Of course he plays my Saturday show that is very loose on purpose. Just to be entertaining. Sunday, when I had 30, yes 30 in 2 hours, we don’t listen to it. Then he says, "and we’ll talk later on how to deal with callers..." Talk 101 with Dr.Parks. I even asked him why he ever thought I was talented. Was it just my production stuff? "Well, production does cover up many sins..." Ok. Great. Fuck this man, I will not be there too long. I can hear him firing me right now. (sigh) ON THE OTHER HAND. Maybe if I really concentrate on it, I can kick butt and just do straight talk. We’ll see tomorrow. But he did give me a turkey. No seriously, he had a frozen turkey and he gave it to me. ?!?!
5:30 PM - 2:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, March 15th - 16th, 1997: SHOW 236
Boy did I not want to go on. Darryl had just about ripped my heart out, and I had no confidence to go on. But once I heard my opener, I felt it, and I was on. That first 15 minutes, which I know for some reason Darryl won’t want to listen to, was perfect. Finally. Everything he harped on I corrected, simply focusing. The show though, ROCKED! I can’t even begin to tell you how great it was. Jesus, just everything clicked. EVERYTHING! Funny as everything. One thing, I have to tell the people in the studio to quit talking over me. Especially John. When I talk, everyone else needs to shut up. Period. It sounds arrogant, I know, but I’m being too polite with them. I t sounds like i have no control. POT BOY. Guy calls up at 11:00 talking about pot, and was smokin’ a bong on the air. It was the funniest fuckin’ thing in the world. He will now be a part of the show. POT BOY. He stayed with us the whole night! Everytime I went to him he was funny. Really funny. I got his number, and will do some stuff with him this week. Pot Boy, it rocked. He’s my Crackhead Bob. The show was just too much fun. Yahoo! Let Sunday be cool as well. Please, please, please...
7:30 PM - 11:30 PM, Sunday, March 16th, 1997: SHOW 237
You know, throughout all of this, I’m getting very popular. A lot of new callers, and very appreciative callers. And hell, CALLERS! I’m concentrating on my voice and it really is coming naturally. Got into Drug Legalization again and had a very good show. Hell a great show. The Lestertorial made a comeback which was nice. And have had only one call so far about the end of The Boyles. (Sigh). Some onliners were bummed, but overall no real reaction. Maybe there will be when they haven’t been on for awhile. Or maybe I’m just stuck with all of these tapes. Oh well. But the show went great and I know if people tuned me in tonight, they will want to listen again. Then Cannon came in and I was just depressed again. Producing him, though it truly is "physically" easy, is just humiliating as hell. That’s really the only reason I keep doing it, ya know? Humiliating experiences are good for ya. I guess. I just sooooooooo don’t look forward to sitting with him and listening to that damn show for 3 hours. God it just blows. How can people listen!?!! (Sigh) Great weekend again!