10:00 PM - 5:00 AM, Monday - Tuesay, March 3rd - 4th, 1997:
Note in my mailbox that Darryl wants to go over an aircheck with me. Sweet, this’ll be fun. Cannon’s show: Unusually slow...even for him. The topics just weren’t working. And to his credit, it truly wasn’t his fault. Just a bad night. Art Bell is almost getting hard. There’s so much free time that you almost miss the breaks...I haven’t yet though.
3:00 PM - 5:15 PM, Tuesday, March 4th, 1997:
Meeting #7. With all that went on this week with Lachey and all, Darryl sat down with me for 2 hours and talked about things. That made me feel great. He once again said I was talented and he really wants to see me be in commercial radio full time. So on and so on. He did say this. (This is really tough to write) The Boyles are too long. No one has attention spans for 7 minutes and 30 seconds on the radio. They’re too "inside" and so on and so on. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Boyles are done. I could probably do little 2-3 Minute bits from time to time. But as we all know and love them they’re gone. Why am I giving in so easy? I asked him what he felt was keeping me from being further. He said the show needs to be more condensed. Have more of a goal. He also compared me to Cannon in that we don't trust him. I said I did, and would do WHATEVER it takes to move on. And you know what? I will. I will listen to everything that man tells me to do, if it means that I can have the Nite Talk position. Honestly. 2 Minute Boyles? Fine. The meeting other than that aspect was great. He really does believe in me, and wants me to go far. I asked him...OK, I have Nite Talk, what would I do right now that would fuck it up. In essence, why can’t I be there. Once again the show is not condensed enough. It need a certain goal and theme through out. And lets say funny bits throughout. He keeps saying I have what it takes. And now, I will trust him and do what he asks. He holds the key to a better future at this particular station, and I want it. The thought of finding a way to jump on FM has definitely crossed my mind, and now it’s crossing more and more, but I will do what I can to make it work. I really think it can. Anyway, over 2 hours later I was out of there, and I must tell you I was in a deep funk. Why? It just seems wrong. I got this far doing my thing, and this change seems wrong. People can’t concentrate for 7 minutes in late night? During a RATED time I agree but weekends after midnight? Come on... Oh well. I will submit to this. Jesus. I’m pretty uneasy.
10:15 PM - 5:00 AM, Tuesday - Wednesday, March 4th - 5th, 1997:
I was still kind of in a funk and didn’t want to come in tonight. The meeting wasn’t really bad, and could end up being great in the end...but I just feel like everything’s changing. For some reason though I was in a great mood after a certain caller and started joking around with Cannon, and it rocked. He had a great show, time flew by and I felt like I was out of there in no time at all! Attitude really does mean a lot...
10:30 PM - 5:00 AM, Wednesday - Thursday, March 5th - 6th, 1997:
Another pretty killer show for Cannon. He’s gotten on the subject of the "Dumbing Down of America", and it’s really firing people up. I’m kind of excited for him. He’s doin’ really well. My promo wasn’t in rotation for Thursday which pisses me off. I left a message with Darryl. It’s odd. Every night Cannon asks me what the big topic is that Mary Jo and I talked about, and it’s getting less and less specific. Mary Jo seems kind of out of it as well. No biggie though.
10:30 PM - 5:00 AM, Thursday - Friday, March 6th - 7th, 1997:
GOD DO I WANT TO QUIT DOING THIS SOMETIMES. Even when it’s good it sucks. I just don’t want to be somebody’s producer. I am the talk host. You know? We’ve done this for 7 full weeks now, and I just am not into it. I hope this pays off. Sheesh, everything seems to be heading downward all of the sudden.
6:00 AM - 8:30 AM, Saturday, March 8th, 1997:
Well, it just hit me. Tonights Boyles was Adam telling the actors that the 7 minute 30 second Boyles was over. They fought me and made cracks and so on as Adam tried to tell them it would be better condensed. I made great arguments, but I know in my heart and in my "business mind"...that Darryl is wrong. He has NOT listened to me enough, and is too deep into radio to understand how the listener thinks anymore. I will listen to him and do what he says, but I know, I know it’s wrong. (sigh)....big (sigh) I’m pretty depressed right now.
7:00 PM - 2:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, March 8th - 9th, 1997: SHOW 234 (1300 hours passed)
WHAT A KILLER SHOW!!! JESUS I’M ON A ROLL. It was one of those perfect nights again. Lotsa callers and lotsa laughs. Eddie was very funny this week. He wrote some top nine lists that were awesome. The night rolled on with great flow. It whizzed by and just felt perfect. But, you know Adam, the thing that’s keeping you back is a 7 minute Boyles. Jesus. I hope Darryl was listening. Man this show would rock for Nite Talk. Why can’t he see it!! I just don’t see where he’s coming from. And if I have another killer Sunday...(sigh). I really need to be at a new station. Spinning my wheels here man. Anyway, an awesome night. Let us prizay for tomorrow.
7:30 PM - 11:00 PM, Sunday, March 9th, 1997: SHOW 235
Holy shit. HOLY SHIT. 30 callers in 2 hours. THIRTY. It was awesome. Absolutely the SHIT. Got on at the top of the hour and said, Randy Ayers is GONE!! Like everyone knows, and I figured I’d just move on to another topic right...ALL these losers call up saying you should give him one more year! What?!? It went on and on... But funny calls. Different calls. Laughing...screaming, Bombs. It was the perfect show. Things are kicking ass, and I just pray that Darryl was listening. I really felt like it was my personality that did it, you know? It wasn’t just the topic. I was on. And I knew what I was doing. It’s a great feeling. And now back to producing Cannon. How much longer can I do this? I mean Jesus, Cannon has like 2 callers an hour. NO EXAGERATION, and I’m producing for HIM? Something has to break sometime.