9:30 PM - 5:15 AM, Monday - Tuesday, February 17th - 18th, 1997:
In my mailbox was a note saying. "Tell me the hours in question from this morning’s conversation." From Darryl. What does this mean? Who knows. I wrote out that I hadn’t written down 7 hours for Sat. That’s it. I am really confused here. Did a new opener for the late show. The song simply rocks. Did this distortion thing with my voice. It was very cool. Cannon had Kevin Eubanks as a guest, and it was awesome. Get this: At the top of the hour I picked up the phone and told him I did some vocal harmonies he may be interested in. He was really cool about it. Told me where to send it and said to put personal and confidential on it. Is this an opportunity or what? During the interview Kevin talked about how the tonight show was getting into more comedy bits. Wow. With the way things are going with Darryl, I just might have something here. Cannon’s show was good because of Eubanks, but after that...ZZZ. I have to stay up all night for a mandatory producer's meeting. Whoopee.
12:45 PM - 2:00 PM, Tuesday, February 18th, 1997:
What a total waste of time. First of all, Darryl wasn’t even in on this meeting.. I ran into him and he did his normal: "Hey buddy, how ya doin’?" Like we never talked. The meeting itself was just a waste of time. Especially for someone who had to stay up all night to attend it. Basically screening 101, which is worthless as well for me since I don’t screen Cannon’s calls. Then I had an appointment with Rhonda about my benefits package. Is this a waste of time as well? In the best case scenerio where he puts me back on hourly, I probably wouldn’t have benefits at all. What the hell is gonna happen. Fuck.
10:15 PM - 5:15 AM, Tuesday - Wednesday, February 18th -19th, 1997:
I slept in as late as I could and stumbled in went straight to my mailbox. Nothing. While looking on BC’s desk around 11:35. I hear: "Hey buddy, how ya doin?" Almost shit my pants it scared me so much. I wasn’t snooping, just reading some paper. Darryl was dressed in a suit and I commented on his "Dapperness". Once again no mention of the hours thing. (Sigh). He walks out and I pace around, impressed by my own heart palpitations. Jesus, was I nervous. I say fuck it and go after him. I see him walking down the steps, and as I approach he says: "Tuesday, isn’t that ‘No Panties’ night?" Speaking of Bubba the love sponge. "No, that would be Lesbian Tuesday..." We joke around, and finally with Darryl on the steps going down to his office, and me up on the bannister nearly a floor above him I ask him what’s up with my hours. For the first time I felt in control. I was basically towering over him. He says, "Didn’t you get in touch with the front office?" "No." "Just mark the hours down on your time sheet and you’ll get overtime."
And with that ladies and gentlemen, it’s over. I almost puked when I got in the production room and had time to ponder it all. I was very proud as well. Most 21 year olds would not have had the balls to do what I did. I basically threratened to resign some of my duties, and he upped the antie to keep me. Wow.
Cannon’s show? He finally listened to my suggestion when I said: START YOUR SHOW WITH THE TOPIC, which tonight happened to be the arena. His lines were filled all night. Cool. I’m so goddamn happy, I’m even happy for Cannon.
10:00 PM - 5:00 AM, Wednesday - Thursday, February 19th - 20th, 1997:
Still reeling from my overtime scandal, I was in a great mood. Cannon didn’t have too bad of a night, but it was really pretty boring. It has been a slow talk week. Running Rush as always was fun. So much to do that time flies by. Got out of there quick to go play Mario Kart with Leon and Dom. I am sick. Ha.
10:30 PM - 5:00 AM, Thursday - Friday, February 20th - 21st, 1997:
Boring night. Bad night for callers. It was the last night for Rush. Art Bell is on from now on. We’ll see how that goes. Alright that’s it. Have to come in tomorrow to do production. Have to do a bunch to pull this weekend off. Barring another Darrylism I have a Sunday show.
8:00 PM - 1:30 AM, Friday - Saturday, February 21st - 22nd, 1997:
Whew. And 5 1/2 hours later, The Boyles Episode 36 is done, almost. As I sit here thinking about it, I want to add one more thing on the end. But otherwise, WOW. It took forever. Lester finds out Rush cuts down on Cannon’s air time so he sets out to ruin Rush’s show. I edited that call with a "Lester" Rush had and it worked out beautifully. Don Alexander does a newscast 4 months in the future as Rush’s show gets cancelled. Lester talks him into doin’ bluegrass talk. Alright, and that would be it. It was my "night off" and this is how I spend it. God I love the late show.
5:30 PM - 2:15 AM, Saturday - Sunday, February 22nd - 23rd, 1997: SHOW 230
What a wild show. Had 10 people in studio including me. It was great. Dr. Dick was OK, but I’m running out of ideas. Can’t think up the good one-liners for him anymore. It’s only show 3, I felt this way after The Boyles too. Anyway the show was wild. Once again no callers, but so many things going on it was great. I’ve decided I’m going to make Saturday nights a big party and Sunday nights serious talk. I may change my mind though. John invited this accordian player to come on and for the 11:00 hour we had a ball. We have to have more special guests like that. It was very funny. Of course The Boyles rocked with Rush Limbaugh. God, how fortunate was that? Oh and I had a new Top Nine List, and Dr. Dick. It was great. The night flew by even without callers. When I say no calls I mean about 5 an hour. That’s a good night for Cannon, hahaha...but not for me. It moved though, and that’s what it’s supposed to do. I’m afraid no one thinks I’m a real talk host though. I’ll try to whoop some ass on Sunday, but I know it’ll be dead. Shit.
7:30 PM - 11:30 PM, Sunday, February 23rd, 1997: SHOW 231
I just realized that that was the first time I’ve ever worked and been on the air in one day. Cool. AND WHAT A FUCKIN AWESOME SHOW!!!!! DAMN it was good. 20 calls in 2 hours. I was bummed out before the show, and then jumped on the arena issue and used my age and the fact that I’m willing to pay for it. The sales tax that is. I was confident enough to make it sound like I KNEW it was the right idea, and knowledgeable enough on the issue that I heard the arguments coming from a mile away. Within 5 minutes the lines lit up. And for the next hour and a half they went nuts. Then a guy asked for The Boyles, which I play at 10:30...perfect. A new Top 9 List, and 2 more callers to get to the top of the hour. Ladies and gentlemen. I just had my first perfect show. Honest to God. It was perfect. Cannon heard the whole show and was shitting his pants. He told me how much I had improved. I really haven’t...It’s just no one thinks I can do talk anymore....Now I have the perfect 2 hour forum to do so. One topic and let it ride. I AM PUMPED!!!! Hot damn!!!! Yahoo!!!! Let’s hope it keeps getting better.
3:15 PM, Monday, February 24th, 1997:
Cannon is a fuckin’ prick. First of all Mary Jo can’t stand him. Which I think is funny. She bitches about him more than I do. Apparently he keeps calling her under the guise of a question and ends up asking her what topics to talk about. She’s told him over and over and over, she talks with the producers and they talk with the talent. I guess he feels I don’t do my job. She’s livid. It’s very funny. He calls up to make me look bad and ends up looking like a dumb ass. He said I came to him and said her ideas were stupid! The only thing remotely close was saying the topics suck this week. That’s not HER topics. What a little 3rd grader. Christ. This call was about 80% personal and 20% work related. I’m afraid she’s going to leave and I’ll lose someone else whos on my side. (Sigh) Oh well. We get along now. She used the "Someday you’ll be big and syndicated and you’ll laugh at having to deal with Cannon." That’s nice to hear. I hope she’s right. I just want more hours now. Ha.