8:30 PM - 5:15 AM, Monday - Tuesday, February 3rd - 4th, 1997:
I didn’t do my production on Sunday because I didn’t work!!!! I thought I would be in for my show!! FUCK ME. Scott wrote me a letter. Shit. I apologized. Way to fuck up Kontras. Fairly good show after Midnight, but I’m finding it increasingly more difficult to deal with Cannon's indifference to me. He is boring, and there’s nothing I can do about it. The indifference part comes when I give him topics and he "thinks about it". Also when he came in he said to me: "Alright, give it to me...what are the topics?" What? I gave him 3 strong ideas, and he looked befuddled. What the hell? Anyway. Alright show, and apparently there were quite a few calls to KP about Dr. Dick. Cool.
3:00 PM, Tuesday, February 4th, 1997:
Call #5. Cannon called Mary Jo and asked why she never calls him about topics. DING DING DING DING DING...this explains his reaction last night. She told him I was the producer and she tells ME the topics. What the hell is he thinking? I always give him the topics...what a nimrod. And get this: He called her on this semi private phone line that is only for Randy Michaels (President of Jaycor). The only way he could get that number was by snooping around on HER desk. Voila-opening to tell her about his snooping for his ratings. I didn’t make a big deal about it, but felt the time was right to tell her. That’s not cool at all. She got really snotty with him. Cool. Asked her if they had gotten any calls about me and she said quuite a few... "Darryl told me to tell you, lay off the sex with animals." I kind of laughed and tried to explain it was more of an inference. I later got to talk with Darryl and he reiterated, "Even the most liberal minds tend to buckle at necrophilia or beastiality..." I asked if there was anyway I could play him the bit, and we set up a meeting for Tomorrow at 3:00. Shit, now I’m kind of nervous. Nah, he’ll dig it.
9:00 PM - 5:30 AM, Tuesday - Wednesday, February 4th - 5th, 1997:
OJ Simpson was found liabel on all accounts for the deaths of Ron and Nicole. Thus, Cannon’s show was a breeze, and FILLED with callers. I struggled to make him keep the calls short, which he did fairly well. A few times I got really pissed that he didn’t say some points. And twice he didn’t go NEXT to the caller I thought would most help his show. Oh well, he’s getting better. At the end of the show I could sense some arrogance on his part because it was so good, but come on Cannon...a fuckin’ robot could’ve done that. It’s a no-brainer night. And tomorrow will most likely be as well. Lehner could not get me the press pass for the all-star game and is still trying for the 27th. Fuck. That was a dream. And with that, I let you read the next paragraph. OH JESUS LET IT BE GOOD.
2:30 PM - 7:00 AM, Wednesday - Thursday, February 5th - 6th, 1997:
Meeting #6. Alrighty then, this is what I call a long day. Damn near 17 hours. But first the meeting. WONDERFUL, AWESOME. I finally believe him. We talked a bit about things, and finally he wanted to hear the tape. With all the calls they’ve gotten I was worried. HE LAUGHED HIS ASS OFF. It was awesome. He kept chuckling and saying how the ladies that called him were repeating some of the lines. Wish I could’ve heard that. He did say the word semen is a no-no. Apparently body functions are as illegal as the seven deadly words. No shit...haha. He said it does kind of go over the edge, but that’s good. You need to do that every once and a while. We talked about the show and he said I was "the most talented guy at the station." He said no one can do what I’m doing. I asked him if he thought I was at the wrong station, because he made a comment about how Dr. Dick would be good for some morning shows. He said no. He gave me the feeling of "just hang on, your time is coming..." When I asked about the Hansel position he said they were looking for a loud mouth, opinionated guy like Bill Cunningham. He said I am being considered for these openings. This one they’re just looking for something different. He did say they wanted someone who would be able to debate the issues more, and now I see me falling into the trap of "freak boy". I do so much production, so much music, so many comedy bits that people think I’m compensating for not being a good talk host. COULDN’T be further from the truth, I just want people to be entertained. Kind of a catch-22 here. Oh well. Once again he was very over flattering with me, which was nice. The biggest feeling I got from this meeting was "HANG ON". And I will. Now I guess I’m shooting for drive time. 4-6 PM. That, then Munch. Wow. It could be awesome. In time. I just have to be patient. I told him I wasn’t and he said "that’s good...stay eager..." I can’t remember everything that was said, but it was an awesome meeting. We talked for almost 90 minutes. As I was leaving I ran upstairs to check out the rest of the place and I saw Joel Riley, who is now the scheduling dude, and more but I can’t remember, and talked to him a bit. Darryl came up and I asked him if I was on this Sunday, and I’m not!!!! What the fuck! He said Sis, traffic lady that screams obscenities, had a death in the family and wouldn’t be back until Friday and he didn’t want to throw this on her. I looked noticeably upset. He's bumped me 3 times in a row and all of this AFTER the Other Paper article saying I was on Sundays? There goes that momentum. He said I would be on. Then a lady from Damon’s came, had to get some of that. Food galore. It’s national signing day and there were all these recruits coming. One of those stick around and be seen deals. And I did. At about 7:00 I was watching Munch’s phones and I realized, "shit, I might as well stick around. Great. So I talked with Sara, the replacement for Carmen, and around 8:00 I went in and did a song. Andy came with his new Late Show Theme at 9:00 (which is absolutely kick-fuckin' ass. I will close every show with it from now on. He totally hit a home run. Then at 10:00 I helped Cannon until 11:00. His show? It was alright. The OJ thing wore off really quick. He really had a nice luxury in going on right after the trial last night. Tonight he did a little, but it was obviously dead. He meandered around with his news stories for awhile, and it of course drug on and on and on. Is $8.00 an hour worth listening to this shit? Rush was actually fun ‘cause I talked to my dad the first hour, watched Loveline the second hour, and cleaned up the third. Afterwards I went into the production room and added some background vocals on Andy’s song. Then at about 6:15 Joe comes in and we have to find all of these spots that Kahler didn’t label correctly. It was nuts. SO FINALLY a little past 7:00 AM, I finally leave. A 17-hour day.
9:30 PM - 5:30 PM, Thurdsday - Friday, February 6th - 7th, 1997:
What a little cocksucker Cannon is. Pathetic, big cocksucker is more like it. So he’s getting NOOOO calls. 45 minutes until his first, and that was it for the hour. Then some guy calls up to talk about a topic he brought up. The guy was kind of slow, but funny. Cannon talked to him just fine, and when got off the air with him and went to a break he went nuts. "Why wasn’t he screened!? You have to screen out these retards!!!" I pushed down the button to make it so she (Sara) could hear him, and he went off on her. I asked him if he wanted to tell her this, and he looked more frustrated. And boy did he yell. He was extremely derrogatory, and I told him to his face, "You didn’t have any calls, how was she supposed to know..." He yells more: "You screen them, you can’t have these retards on the air." At the next break I went in and told her to hang up on his next 3 callers. "Screen" them. I was so embarassed for her. It’s her first night and he’s got to be like that. She came in a bit later and said she was sorry. And guess what he said?! "Don’t worry I handled him well." WHAT A FUCKIN’ FREAK!!!! No moviegoer would believe this story if it was on the big screen. JESUS. What a pathetic, little man...AHHH!! The rest of the night was semi-decent. Rush, was cool once again. Free time to watch TV, and play on the net. Read an article about Michael Jackson in Penthouse after my shift. Wow, he really seduced that little kid. Whew. He didn’t admit it of course, but I’m pretty certain now. Conners talks to me like a human now, but still likes trying to get under my skin. He’s got this thing about askin’ me Greek questions. I humor him. What is it with older generations being so captivated by family origin? I should tell him I’m Italian one morning. That would be pretty good.
6:00 PM - 2:15 AM, Saturday - Sunday, February 8th - 9th, 1997: SHOW 228
Not like pulling teeth the first night, but not as good as my second night. It sucked by my standards though. Hardly any calls. I did keep it busy though. John came and brought his friend Eddie. Eddie did radio in Alaska, and they both added to the party atmosphere that Darryl wanted. Redid The Boyles of course and a new Dr. Dick. Raunchy yet funny. It’s getting popular so I’m excited. Otherwise, another slow show, but probably fun to listen to. Good night online as well. Wow, that’s it. This sucks. I miss my old show. In this amount of time I would've been on the air for 36 hours and instead I've been on 15. Andy made me a Late Show Closing Song that is just perfect. Added some backing vocals and will play it from now on to close the show. Thank you Andy!
5:15 AM - 6:30 AM, Monday, February 10th, 1997:
Went in late to finish some spots, and also put a Cosby bit on to DAT.
3:00 PM, Monday, February 10th, 1997:
ROY SHEARS DIED. I can’t believe it. I’m gonna do a tribute for him this weekend. Wow.