11:00 AM, Thursday, January 16th, 1997:
There's a meeting in 2 hours to announce the new schedule changes. Wouldn’t it be great if Cannon quit... ... ... ... ... ...that was me dreaming right there. Darryl called me and explained that he did, in time, want BJ to run my board. The more I thought about it, I think he could once he can feel the show. He is very competent on the board I’m sure. I really think my whole world is going to be upside down. Everything was story-tale in the overnights, but now it will be different. I have this feeling that the magic will be gone. Who knows. Maybe it’s just paranoia. I really have a bad feeling about the changes. If only Cannon would quit. Ah well. Read further, and see how the meeting went.
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM, Thursday, January 16th, 1997:
WOWOWOWOWOWOW. That was awesome. It was a normal meeting. Just talked about the recent changes at the station. It was amazing how many people came to me and said hi. Everyone knows who I am. It’s cool. I waited and waited to hear Darryl talk about the new night schedule, but he never did. Then the shit happened. I mean the shit. He singled me out on up and coming talent, and talked about my Lester imersonation I did for the whole hour. It was great. Then Greg Kurtz explained how I did it last week and talked to myself. And I proceeded to take the floor and tell them what happened and how I had conversation with Lester on the phone while being myself. It rocked. People were laughing and so on. He then said I was starting full-time on Monday, and everyone applauded. Then a sales lady jumped in and asked when I was going to be on, and he explained my new hours and so on. Weekend evenings. During this whole escapade I glanced over at Cannon and he looked like he was going to puke. Stone cold look on his face. It was awesome. After the meeting I went over to Cannon and Darryl and figured out how things were going to work. I would be board-op and call screener. That’s how it would be for everybody. Cannon talked about how he would bring me into the show,and play off me when the calls were light. Wow, I’ll be on constantly. Ha. Anyway, it was great. Got to talk with Munch for awhile. His show is really kickin’ ass. He’s just so damn likeable. Then I went in and talked to Darryl again. I made sure I had his backing on the things that were going to be said to Cannon. He said emphatically yes. My arsenal is now full and ready to go. I am excited. Afterwards I went upstairs and John Corby yelled across the newsroom: "You Suck!" I said: "You Suck!" Then I walked over and asked him what was up. He said I was praised so much in the meeting that I needed that. We laughed. That was very cool indeed. It was amazing how many people seemed to have heard me. Wow. Very cool. After the Corby thing I literally ran out of there, it was too perfect to run into anyone else. Woo-hoo!
7:30 PM - 9:30 AM, Friday - Saturday, January 17th - 18th, 1997: SHOW 224
Well, BJ came in at 10:45 which was nice. We talked for a bit. I was very excited to have him. I can’t tell you how glad I am that Angela’s gone. I went over the songs that she’s in and inserted BJ’s name, it’s funny as hell. The show kicked some butt. I forgot to tape the first hour though. So much going on. Mary from German village called up and said she wasn’t going to listen anymore that I had gotten too crude. People are pissing their pants over the word DOUCHE. And ANAL SEX. I can understand the latter, but DOUCHE!?! It doesn’t get much funnier than that. I’m thankfully making that break at the old age bracket. My audience is about 13-60 strong at 35. PERFECT. At the top of the hour, I quickly showed BJ what to do, I said I would leave the studio and let him work, an he did an amazing job. Quick and on the ball. It was wonderful. Thinking of writing him a thank-you card in a couple of weeks. Big problem. He constantly wanted to talk on the air. He actually typed "pot me up" twice (he’s in-studio by the way). Then he told Leon he’d be running the board for me next week. I paid very close attention to this show, and there is NO FUCKIN’ WAY HE COULD DO IT. Not ‘cause he’s incompetent like Angela was, but it’s just too spur of the moment. I will fight Darryl on this. It’s a bad move for the show. So overall BJ, well just annoyed me. Isn’t a big change from college. I may ask him to go back into the producer’s room....He talks so damn loud, that it’s confusing me. After the show, Leon and I stayed to record The Boyles Episode 35 with the one Rufus Brown. Leon’s voice is soooooo damn funny. I snicker thinking of it. It turned out being a pain in the ass, but very funny. Stayed so damn late we ran into Jim Lachey and John Corby. Lachey always surprises me when I see him. HE’S FREAKIN’ HUGE. Could have easily been a power forward in the NBA....If he had any skills in basketball. Ok, that’s about it. ONE MORE OVERNIGHT SHOW. (smile)
10:30 AM, Saturday, January 18th, 1997:
So I jump online and decide to see what was going on in the chat rooms. I see gay and lesbian chat and the curiosity kills me. Guess who I see in there?
Darryl. Wha? So of course I instant message him:
A610WTVN: hello
DParks: Jesus. Go to bed.
A610WTVN: heh
A610WTVN: can’t sleep...it happens
A610WTVN: so... the gay and lesbian chat room eh...
DParks: amazing. Could get some goofy women into chat
A610WTVN: you always feel like a stud when you get another woman to think you are
A610WTVN: except they’re all horny teenage boys
DParks: yeah. could catch some though
DParks: BTW. WTVN looks great on the chat rooms.
A610WTVN: QUESTION: How much should BJ be on the air....
He kept typing in to me to pot him up....my discresion?
DParks: your show. your decision.
DParks: you’re the star.
A610WTVN: gotcha....and thanks for your comments at the meeting...that was nice
DParks: remember, never take the spot light off yourself.
A610WTVN: right...
DParks: i really believe it. your very talented. BTW, the bits with the cartoon themes
was very good. Targeted at demo
A610WTVN: thanks...and as far as him running the board...I think he’ll get to that point
but it’s going to be very tough to start out...I’m having trouble lately
A610WTVN: doing it myself
A610WTVN: things are so SPUR OF THE MOMENT
DParks: Again, up to you.
A610WTVN: ok
A610WTVN: in person, on the phone, and on the net...jesus you can’t get away from me
A610WTVN: I’ll leave you be now...ha
DParks: ha
A610WTVN: oh and really quick...did anyone call you about my "language"
i.e. DOUCHE..and so on?
A610WTVN: I said anal sex in a skit too...the blue hairs..went wild..said they would call
everyone they could think of
DParks: no. will get those on Monday. Don’t worry about it. the callers will all be 70 and female
A610WTVN: yup
A610WTVN: this was last week
A610WTVN: ah well.....goodnight
DParks: see ya.
OK, I know I have little room to talk because I was in the same chatroom, but I know what I was doing... what the fuck? And was he so nice because he was freakin' out? I mean, YES! NO BJ ON THE BOARDS! HA HA!, but wow. This is a nice bit of drama. If the listeners only knew huh? Anyway, pretty cool about the boards. Final overnight show tonight.
8:00 PM - 6:45 AM, Saturday - Sunday, January 18th - 19th, 1997: SHOW 225
What a cool way to end things. With a drop dead funny Boyles. My god, Rufus was awesome, and it came together very well. Hell the outtakes alone from the show are just hilarious. That along with skits and memories and first time callers, and everything. It was perfect. BJ did great. I haven’t broken the news about the show yet though. He won’t be too happy, I’m sure. He was looking forward to running the show. But tonight was as close to perfection as one can get. And now, that’s it!!!! WOO-HOO. NO MORE TRIVIA. I’ve started to lay out my schedule for the new times, and I think it’s gonna be great. I hope some people start to notice me. I also promoted my "Superbowl Party" as it were. Since I’m on during the superbowl I figured I’d rather join them than fight them. It should be a blast. If I can get anyone to come! Anyway, the show was extremely smooth, and a perfect send-off for the overnight era. And oh jesus....What the hell will happen with Cannon? I’m very excited to see what happens. And, man... I guess this is it. The end of my overnight log. Would it make a good book? Who knows. For now, it’s done, and we move on to a new era...