9:00 AM - 12:00 PM, Thursday, January 2nd, 1997:
Dead tired, I ended up staying up all night. Came in and ran Dr. Laura. Darryl came in at 12:00 to relieve me. I was supposed to stay until 1:00. That’s it.
7:00 PM - 7:30 AM, Friday - Saturday, January 3rd - 4th, 1997: SHOW 220
It was supposed to be my first evening show, but I guess not. Ahh well. It was fun. Pretty good show, but I’m steaming at Angela. Her overall attitude has finally gotten to me. It started when she said she needed to tape her Angela’s Stories segment for her mother. "Can I be on the air a little more tonight?" The fuckin’ audacity. She’s usually on the air from 3:00 to 5:00, and when she isn’t she’s talking to friends. It just rubbed me the wrong way. And she did all of her normal things. Left in the middle of the hour, didn’t get my spots sometimes. Never bothers to put my old ones away. Is taking personal calls all of the time. Ya know. Then she comes in and tells me that Aaron is made at me because I yelled at him for talking to her for an hour and a half last week. What? I said right back, that I was very upset about it. She then told me: "...and I apologized to you about not getting your spots..." Uh huh, right. Her attitude is, that we are equals. Not to be an asshole, but we aren’t. Not in the radio sense. I got her that job to help me. She isn’t. Anyway, good show. I played a Boyles Cliffhanger. Someone is leaving the cast. Sally. It should be cool. I got pretty reamed for saying how bittersweet I thought the Rose Bowl win was. Whiny fan. I’m happy they won, but..it just makes the Michigan game hurt more. Unfortunately Ebonics came up as well. It’s old hat as far as I’m concerned. At one of the hours Angela came in and told me how she got in a fight with Darryl. Apparently she called him unprofessional, or as she puts it "the situation" unprofessional. Her not getting her raise and all. RAISE? PROFESSIONALISM? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. Any way he screamed at her, and she said she thought she was going to lose her job. Here’s where I come in. I could blow strikes 2 and 3 if I tell Darryl how she acts, and doesn’t do her job. Hmmm. I’ll call Darryl and ask for a meeting. I can’t deal with her any more. Leon stopped by, and then said he would go back, reopen Dominos and make me 2 pizzas if I played Trivia. And Mind Trap we played. Good Pizza. Good show. Goodbye Angela.
10:25 AM, Saturday, January 4th, 1997:
Talked to Darryl at home. He ain’t too happy with Angela. I said right off the bat that I needed to talk to him about her. He asked if it was about their fight and I said, no she isn’t doing her job, and it’s time you knew about it. We talked a little more and he tolld me a bit more about the conversation. Apparently Angela was telling the front office Darryl was unprofessional. Whew. She’s cooked. We have a meeting at 3:30 on Monday.
8:30 PM - 6:30 AM, Saturday - Sunday, January 4th - 5th, 1997: SHOW 221
Got the Boyles done in an hour and half. Quickest, and probably the best yet! It was very funny. Sally leaves and they have a bit of a tribute to her playing all of the lines she ever uttered. It doesn’t take long. Ha. A listener sent me a poem calling me a sicko (I think it's serious) and I just ran with it and made a song. Very funny. Oh and yes Angela. Worse tonight than she was last night. Hello! Get my spots at the top of the hour. Put my old spots away. And try to tidy up. That is the first thing you do. She fuckin’ sits on the computer in the lounge for 10 minutes! Even after Angela’s Stories is over!!! Finally at the 3:00 hour I asked her will you please get my spots and put the old ones away? I went to the vending machine and back, and she still hadn’t moved. I put the fuckin’ spots away myself and missed cueing up the trivia song. I looked like a stupid fuck. 3 times I had to ask her to get my spots. And when she notices that the spots for the new hour are the same as last hour, she doesn’t stack them back up. She leaves them where they are and I have to find them and stack them for the next hour. After tonight, FUCK HER. I’m going for the jugular. Sorry Angela. It’s ironic, someone called and asked if she was new. And she told me: "Uh...no, I’ve been here for 10 months!" I said: "Yep, you’re definitely not new." Sorry honey, if I have anything to do with it, you’re done. The show was great. Enough said. I’m pissed.
7:21 AM, Monday, January 6th, 1997:
You won’t believe this. Angela’s husband calls me and asks me why I asked Leon and Aaron to produce for me this weekend. I didn’t. Angela told him that Leon called her at the 3:00 hour and said: "Doin’ anything special for your last show?" He also (apparently) said he was lined up as my producer on Friday. What? And that Aaron said I had asked him to be my producer on Saturday but he couldn’t work. WHAT? I absolutely never said any of this...and I can't imagine Leon would have called her. I told Chris that I had no idea what he was talking about. NONE WHATSOEVER. I said:
"Did Darryl call you?"
"Uh, no.."
"Then as far as I’m concerned she’s my producer. I do not have the power to fire her."
"Uh, well, that’s what I thought..."
"I’ll call Leon and Aaron and see what’s up."


Call Leon. Absolutely clueless. Call Aaron, didn’t answer. Call Chris back.
"Chris, no one knows what you’re talking about. Angela is either lying, or.."
"You calling me wife a liar?!?"
"Yup. Or someone is impersonating Leon and Aaron. These things were not said."
"I think it’s a pretty low down trick that you did..."
"Yeah, right..."


So I freakin’ hangup. I’m dealing with dumb and dumber here. How could Angela possibly be saying this. I told Chris that she already got Darryl mad at her, and now this? She’s gonna lose her job. "I know, ‘cause you already have your producer’s lined up.." What a nimrod. I’m so goddamn mad. Aaron finally calls me half laughing because this is so ludicrous. "No Adam, I said absolutely nothing." He said he’d call him up and tell Chris personally, but got their voice mail. I was gonna have Leon call but it would do no good, the only one who doesn’t know what really happened is Angela’s husband. Big Deal. He’s right. So here I am. Now I have to get to Darryl before she does. Great. I called to see if I could get a meeting with him earlier, but he can’t. I’m going to have to stay up until 3:30 PM. Oh well. I can’t believe Angela did this. Why would she make up this many lies? Maybe I said something under my breath about her not doing her job that was negative that she overheard. That has to be it. I was so pissed with her on Saturday that I may have been loud with my mumbles, but Christ, tell your husband that. Don’t make up some stupid story that we all know is a bunch of shit. Tell him what I said. I have a right to be mad. YOU DON’T DO YOUR JOB. Jesus. This is nuts. If Angela gets to Darryl too, we could end up having a meeting together and then I get brought down to Angela’s level. I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING! Christ, are you kidding me. Well, I’m pretty curious to see how this works out. At least with Ramos he was gone in a month.
3:30 PM, Monday, January 6th, 1997:
Meeting #4. I sit down with him and just say right off:
"Darryl, I really hate taking up your time with this, but Angela’s performance has gotten to the point where I really need to talk to you."
"Don’t worry about it. She quit yesterday."
Alright. Sit there for a second and work everything out in your head. So when Chris called... she had already have quit! Chris had to just have been fucking with me. He knew all along. Maybe he really believes her. Who knows, but it’s over. I was so absolutely shocked. How shitty is that. More in a second. The full time gig. Well, I took it. He offered $8 an hour and then an evaluation in 90 days. With the amount I’ll get with overtime, I can make about $26,000. I’m gonna be working about 55 hours a week. It’s gonna be rough. It starts 2 weeks from today, and I start Tuesday night. If Angela hadn’t quit it would have started in one week. I will enjoy these last 2 weeks though. It will be tough afterwards. Here’s the scary thing: Before I accepted it I told him that I would be working at least 50 hours a week, which would be tough.
"Well, I’d hate to have to take you off the air. The goal is getting full time producers for the station."
That line absolutely had me. I took the job the second he said that. Pretty shitty huh? He also said how talented he thought I was. He kept saying how he though I could make a lot of money in this business. It was nice, but that "hate-to-take-you-off-the-air" line kept haunting me. Is he fucking kidding me? So I’m more valuable as a producer to STEVE CANNON than an on-air talent? Fucking Christ. Talk about no recognition. This hurts. Bad.