6:00 PM - 7:30 PM, Tuesday, July 23rd, 1996:
Met Mark "Munch" Bishop. It’s odd, his left hand is deformed into basically two fingers. Took me aback, but by the end of the day I forgot about it. First impression wasn’t great. He’s a REALLY energetic guy. And it just didn’t come off well to me. The show was ok. Only an hour because of the Reds. He’s a likeable guy, and very thankful of my help. But a little odd.
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM, Thursday, July 25th, 1996:
His first 2 hour show and it went well. Had a lot of guests. I got a T-Shirt from the new ABL, women’s pro basketball. Mark is really getting cool shit. He’s been in this business for 20 years, and they set him up in an apartment until he finds a house. I guess I’m just more bummed that he has a promo that gets run every day. I want that on Fridays and Saturdays. I bet I could get that. Either way I enjoy doing the shift, and it allows me time to do show prep.
5:45 PM - 6:00 AM, Friday - Saturday, July 26th - 27th, 1996: SHOW 165 (900 hours passed)
What a crazy 12 hours. After it was all done I looked at the clock and couldn’t believe it was actually 12 hours. Came in to run Munch for an hour, and he did rather swell. It always seems to me he’s a novice, but his voice is so likeable that you want him to succeed. He’ll do fine. He said something about wanting me to produce on Monday, and maybe longer. God I’d love to do that job during the week. That would be nice. So after the show I go in to do The Boyles....great show, finished Top Nine List after much agony. Then on the air at Midnight. Great show, lots of callers and then at about 1:20 got reports of a bomb exploding at the Olympics. Started watching the tube and filling people in, basically lost all of my listeners. Kept updating and finally called Perkins and he said to get Zonders in there. Zonders wasn’t there and it was Greg Kurtz to the rescue. He came in and updated us, and right in the middle of the Boyles at 2:30 We took live coverage for THE REST OF THE NIGHT. Goodbye show. So at 6:00 it was over. Live coverage actually took over the first hour of Bob’s show. I thought this was all stupid myself. updates every 15 minutes or so is sufficient, but we went overboard. Ah well. I’ll get to pack the show tomorrow.
11:00 PM - 7:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, July 27th - 28th, 1996: SHOW 166
I want to tell you about that whole night, but I gotta tell this one first. Joe Bradley thought I was gay. Can you believe that. He said he heard I was getting married. And then said: "You’re gay..." And, really just like that, and I looked at him like I was going along with him. "Of course you are gay..." "Uh, no.." He was dead serious. "You aren’t gay? Mike told me you were gay..." Now Joe is a pretty sarcastic guy. A VERY sarcastic guy, and I was patiently waiting for the punch line and it just wasn’t there. I’m laughing as I type this... Anyway I told him I had been engaged for 2 years to a woman, a very hot one as a matter of fact...why I felt that was necessary to say I don’t know. My feelings were really disjointed. He stood there and said "well don’t I look stupid..." Which really drove it home that he was serious. "Does the whole station think I’m gay?" He gave me a yes look. Wow. Maybe Perkins is setting him up. Why would they think that. I started saying to myself "Do I look gay? Do I sound gay?" The worst thing is is that Joe probably thought he was in touch with the gay youth of America for the past year and that’s probably blown his mind. Goddamn this is funny. Anyway, Mike will hear from me on Monday. The show. Well kind of dramatic I guess. Got on the soap box about the media coverage on the bombing and how dispicable it was. That went for two hours. Lines were packed. I stood up for the decision to run continuous coverage on NEWSradio 610 WTVN for obvious reasons, but NBC I felt went overboard. Trivia was very fun, and 5:00 hour went quick. Jesus what is up with the gay thing. We’ll find out. Went in after my shift and did a new Late Show Opener. How 'bout that. The Great Late Show. I'm excited. To the tune of Spiderman. It will surprise some people I'm sure. It took me 3 hours though! I can't believe it took that long. It's 'cause I worked really hard on the bass lines and my ears were starting to close up really fast. And I came to the realization..Hey, I'm getting paid to write music. My dream. A small scale yes, but still, I'm getting paid to write music. Gotta dig that.
10:00 PM - 2:00 AM, Sunday - Monday, July 28th - 29th, 1996:
ZZZ... I was awake so it was alright. Had 6 spots to do, and 3 voice over tags! That’s nice. Did some show prep, and I was gone. Cannon had callers on the bombing, but not even a quarter of what I had. I realize my show was closer, but I was also more involved in the show than I feel he is. Oh well...