10:45 PM - 6:00 AM, Friday - Saturday, August 18th - 19th, 1995: SHOW 41
Man did I have energy when I walked in there. It had been a week, and I was ready to be back. I really did miss talking to the people. Read up on the news I had missed all week and went on talking and didn't have to play music until the 4:00 hour! Unfortunately I kept messin' up my breaks in between 5:00 - 6:00. This really sucks since Bob Conners and Joe Bradley are listenin'. I think I was just tired, but damn. Overall, it was just a great night. That was the longest I had done talk for, and I was wasted after that. I had no clue how I'd be able to do the fair. When Connors came in he was ranting and raving about how the station was going to shit. It was funny, and he was totally kidding. I feel more comfortable around him. Now onto the fair...
11:30 AM - 6:00 PM, Saturday, August 19th, 1995:
TIRED. Very TIRED. I got 4 hours of sleep, but I was still TIRED. This was a great time except for how it started. I got in there and the damn feed to the station wasn't hooked up again. Before I called the engineer AGAIN, I made sure that there wasn't anything that I could do to fix it. Well luckily I remembered how to set up the feed from last time, and I was hooked up in about 5 seconds. Thank god I didn't have to go through that mess again. Brad got some PR lady to fill the rest of our spots with interviewees. It was great. Monty, of course. The '94 and '95 Fair Queens, A midway guy, and of course a food guy who brought us lunch. After the first interview though, Greg the engineer calls up and is pissed that I didn't call him. What the hell? Call his house when he already explained what to do? He was REAL shitty: "Now you need to learn how to follow instructions..." Fuck you buddy. Someone has to show me how to do something once, and then that's it. There was no need for me to call him at his home and ask him something I already knew. But he treated me like a 5 year old for it. What a dick. It was as if he was upset I could do it without him. If he wants me to call him even when I know the solution, fine. I'll call him at home a BUNCH tomorrow. Dick. Otherwise things were fine except Cannon was doin' a remote at that same time at some warehouse. It wasn't written on the DTI, and no one knew about it. It made things a little hectic for two hours, but he only did it from 2 - 4. Tomorrow's another long day, but I'm only at the fair until 2:00.
11:00 PM - 9:00 AM, Saturday - Sunday, August 19th - 20th, 1995: SHOW 42 (200 hours passed)
Slow nights really suck. I made a comparison cart of Mr. Mike, and Al Capp from Imagine John Lennon fame, in preperation for another battle with him...he never called. Otherwise: NO CALLERS. Well some....enough to keep "..fame.." on a 9 show streak. And some crazy drunk guy called me off the air. I think I'm gonna make a cart out of it. Trivia went well, and carried into 4:00 just a little. Now at the end of the talking shift. A regular called upset at the Al/Mike cart which I played even though he never called. The guy was drunk and was pretty unintelligable, but he basically said that I'm losing listeners when I make fun of people like that, and he compared me to Hansell. This was the guy who said he hated Hansell and would write to Bill and try to get me his slot. Now he hates me. Off the air I explained to him that Mr. Mike gave me quite a bit of shit and I was sick of it. His only response was that of astonishment that I would say "shit". And I mean his ONLY response. For the next 4, yes 4 minutes he kept repeating his awe. I couldn't believe that he was so caught up that I said "shit". All of this off-air bickering led to me forgetting to put in the newswoman's cart, and fucked everything up. This was the third time I had done this and I was SOOOOOO pissed. I yelled at the guy even more, hung up on him, and apologized again to Sarah. During perspective I recorded an a capella version of "Say it to Me". It was great, will be one of my better songs. Now I get to go back to the Fair. I'm extremely tired, but then comes my favorite part...Sleep.
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM, Sunday, August 20th, 1995:
What a joke. Everything was messed up again. This time it was Ameritech's fault, not mine nor Jack's at the studio. Greg was nicer today, but I still think he's a power freak. I did two live drops from the cell phone. It sounded like I was on the front lines in Bosnia. Oh well, it's over, that's all I care about. A nice week off. Nothin' like workin' during the weekends, and having the weeks off.