9:00 AM, Thursday, June 1st, 1995:
Joe Rike from Sell Inc. (my Gatorade job) called and said that they didn't need me this summer. I was supposed to start on Monday, and I called him for an entire week leading up to today for my routes, but he never returned my calls. In fact, the Monday before this he said I had the job, and told me it would be either the east or the west side of Columbus. Pretty shitty. I would've made about $4,000 this summer. And how the fuck can I get a good summer job in June? Bullshit.
11:05 AM, Friday, June 2nd, 1995:
After performance class, Buckles pulled me and BJ aside and told us personally about a weekend overnight opening at WTVN. BJ is the weekend overnight DJ at B97. I guess he must be good, but he's annoying as hell on the air and that's being kind. Buckles said to get a tape to them as soon as possible. I thought I could do one today, but I was too tired and went home.
2:45 PM, Monday, June 5th, 1995:
Getting ready to take my performance final, and I find out BJ got his tape to them Friday afternoon, with a resume and a cover letter. I just about shit. He's got it. It was basically between us two. I hadn't wanted to drive up to Otterbein over the weekend, and now I lost the opportunity. After the final I went and made an aircheck, drove home and typed up a resume and cover letter and drove my stuff to WTVN. I actually worked at QFM earlier this year (they're in the same building), so I knew the lady at the front desk (Becky). She was excited that I may work there again, and when I said to drop this off with Mike Perkins (Operations Director) she pointed me out to him. So I actually got to shake his hand introduce myself. He thanked me for being so prompt, which I thought was odd since BJ beat me by three days, and said he would listen to the tape with Bill White (Program Director) tomorrow.
3:06 PM, Monday, June 5th, 1995:
Mike just left a message saying that they listened to the tape already, and wanted me to call him back. I call back, he says he likes my tape, and wants to set up a meeting with me tomorrow at 2:30! How 'bout that! He wants me to read some shit, and you know, kind of like an audition. Man, this is a long way from being on WOBN at Otterbein.