Saturday, November 27th, 1999 - 10:00 - 11:00 PM
Big So I mosey in there around 6 PM. Wasn't sure if I was told 6 or 6:30 so I went early. Get everything out and I realize that I HAVE to have my camcorder...this is just too cool. So Jess goes back while Marty and I set up. That's when all hell broke loose. Cleaning guy says he can't leave me there alone, and no one is scheduled until 8 PM. Well...what do ya want me to do...stand in the cold for an hour? So he calls the person who was to come in at 8, and gives the phone to me. Folks, she was hella-mad. It was kind of funny. Yellin' at me and whining about how she can't come in early because she has to work until 3:30 in the morning. Oh man it was crazy. "Hey, I just got here when I was told to..." But she just kept yellin'. "I don't know any trevor!" The guy at It went on for a good 10 minutes and I finally just handed the yelling object back to the cleaning guy. I was not gonna stand outside...and what the hell did they think I was gonna do. They knew I was who I said I was...I got my name on my shelves that hold the TVs, and it matches the one on the poster there...(sigh). But the cleaning guy stayed, the chick got there at 7, and when the guy got there I just pointed to her... heh heh. His turn. So a little crazy, but cool. Sound check went cool...MAN it's nice having a sound guy. Giddy-up...
*Rigby and Lurid **did not do Lurid ***Started right at Learn How To Drive
This was a rush. Biggest indoor crowd I've ever played for, and they were pitch black. I couldn't see shit. It was awesome. I'd actually have liked to see their reaction, but I could hear it was good. Only two things to mention when it came to my performance... Well one of them had to do with the TVs losing a whole channel about 4 idea what happened there...but the sound guy was on it and always had it fixed...but here's the good one: my first line. Holy horse shit did I screw it up. I have it on tape, and it's too funny. For at least 10 seconds the audience had to be thinking about walking out. HA! It was Eleanor Rigby, and I have to guess at the first note because I never put a cue in the set for me...I know, I'm a moron. But the first note wasn't the problem. The problem was I didn't take a big enough breath for the rest of the line: "Ahhh, look at ALL the lonely people"...and I slammed it. It was like I was 13 man...I cracked like I was TRYING to... When I figure it out, I will put the line on the site...jesus it was horrible... very funny. The rest was cool...
Very cool applause. People dug everything. I could barely hear the laughs because it was so loud, but when I did I knew it was big...'cause it was so loud. You usually can't hear laughing in a rock concert. Well that's how loud it was. Pretty awesome for A capella. "Bad-Ass A Capella" as Andy called it (the guy) After the show I had quite a few hand shakes...and quite a few managerial offers. Too bad they were all extremely drunk. I got email addresses from them, and we'll see what happens... Anyway..killer night, and I'm on a big poster. Who could ask for more. I'm framing that poster. :-) So there ya go.. OH!!! Wait...I'm also on the cd sampler! Volume cool is that! Very pumped. Very cool. Alrighty.