Friday, July 30th, 1999 - 9:30 - 1:30 AM
A pure day of hell, and over 100 degrees made this a bad scene. Amazingly the setup was awesome. Once we got everything in, the entire thing was setup in 25 minutes. Taking a quick look at the place I was completely apprehensive. This was NOT the right atmosphere. A small pub, with regulars who liked to drink and talk. Everyone knew everyone else and they wanted to talk about their golf games or whatever. I hadn't the slightest clue how this gig would be successful.
As you can see up top, I started a half-hour late. The reason being the way my show starts. It's very in-your-face. It kind of dominates the room. Especially a small room. As I said before, this was like interrupting CHEERS. They even yelled Norm to a guy walking in. There was no way I could be background noise. I waited until a few of them left, and then said "what the hell". The talking soon quieted and they paid attention. They really dug it. It is so weird to have everyone's attention in a public place. Bars and restaurants are places where everyone is in their own individual world. Even at concerts people tend to do other things. It's almost surreal to watch everyone turn at once and stare. I did my first set for an hour. They actually did what I'd consider "roaring" at some of the funny parts. And they absolutely could've cared less about the singing. The sad part is that I know this going in, but I have to play these sets because I simply don't have enough material. This was definitely the raunchy "funny" crowd. Thus I did both parody songs to appease them. Of course that might've made the rest of the night slow, but I had to keep them interested. I took about 30 minutes off, and ended up doing 2 and a half hours straight. Having a ball. Again, the funny stuff was king, but they seemed to take notice of the originals. I don't know why I didn't take a break, but it was fun. It wasn't as scripted as Shorty' felt more laid back. It was also too long when it's all said and done. 4tvs is a 2 hour show, with a 15 minute break. Plain and simple. That way I can REALLY target the audience. I would never have to play the Harry set at a bar, or the Parody set at a restaurant (though GODDAMN you CHAMPPS if you had just told me there was a problem I would've done the NICE stuff. No, I'm not still bitter). When it was over, I felt very good. Though the place wasn't packed, the bartender said no one draws too well in Powell. The way to determine success is the reaction of the people there. So I did very good. Unfortunately though, I don't see how I could play there in the too near future if I have to play 4 hours. It's just too much material to try and keep fresh.
"That is the most fascinating thing I've ever seen..." Unfortunately this guy only saw Abbey Road, and was bummed I was stopping. He bought a CD though...that was cool. The other reactions were all positive too. The only resounding feeling I got, was that I have to have more sets. Must always do funny at these bars. That day is a long ways away. Each set takes SOOO MUCH time...and SOOO MUCH money. Either way, this was a great night. I had the lowest of all possible expectations, but even if I had expected more...I'd still have been happy. God I wish there was an easier way to add material. It's such an arduous task. Maybe I can quit my day job! Uh, no.