Saturday, July 17th, 1999 - 9-1 AM
I got there at 4:30 PM ensuring I'd have everything set-up in more than enough time. Why I keep being so optimistic is beyond me. I walk in and start to unload my gear and I realize I was envying JFK Jr. because at least he was cool. We probably should've called it Andyman's Greenhouse. One room with no doors and the only windows are comparable to greenhouse windows on the ceiling. A tiny radio shack air conditioner (do they even make AC's?) and the rest was just HOT. Got everything set-up within an hour, and soon realized there was a problem. My secret little computer that runs everything was freakin' out. Simply turning itself off every 10 minutes or so. This makes a show difficult to say the least. I fiddled with it and soon called ABOT, the production company that designed this little gem, actually gem wasn't the specific term I used for it at that moment, but you get the point. They were as dumbfounded as I was and they got down to the GREENHOUSE around 8 PM. Still unsure what was wrong we simply rewired somethings and kept the computer opened as to let air in. We figured heat was the culprit. Either way, everything ran fine after that.  Also noticed that the tape that said BURG SET was actually LOVE SET. And the tape that said LOVE SET was the LOVE SET as well. So I had 7 sets. (sigh)
Three guys I knew came in and I started the show. As you can see it wasn't really an official performance. I knew that these guys would like the parody sets so I did them back to back. We just sat and talked and I put some things on. It was nice. I was still in "technician mode" unfortunately and found it extremely difficult to remember any lines or words. I cannot wait until the day when I can jump onstage and just worry about the performance. Thankfully this was again among friends, very much like the big room show.
"Adam, it's pretty fucking hot." So they skiddadled. They quite enjoyed seeing Jar-Jar Binks get killed and Chest Hair was a fun time had by all. I'm sure they felt their $2 was well spent.
While in the parking lot a couple went through the room to play pinball. Of course to get back out they found themselves in the smack dab middle of the show, and now they didn't have to pay. Oh well. I wasn't gonna beat 'em down for $4. This wasn't about the money. It was a way to practice for the Sunday show at Shorty's. I was kind of bummed though. People would walk in and then RUN OUT because they thought something private was going on. Oh well. ANYWAY. The guy dug the show. He knew Andyman and got the biggest kick out of "Sex with Andy" It was very nice being in front of some people that had no idea who I was. Slowly people started to trickle in and the room was pretty full (about 15 people-rather small room). Started getting into the groove of things, and had a great time. Abbey Road is really cool, and it made me very excited for Shorty's.
People were in and out of the room most of the second show so I didn't get a chance to talk to all of them. The few I did basically said they were "surprised". I overheard some guy telling his friend: "This guy's doing 'Virtual A Capella' in there"...oooh...I gotta find a way to use that line somewhere. Another guy said he'd come to the show tomorrow! If he actually does I'll be amazed. Either way. I was glad I took the time to set up there. I don't think I'll do it again though. The heat is simply unbearable. Thanks Andyman for allowing a few people to not have to pay the parking Nazi at work and allowing me to do a run-through at your place. Hopefully things run smooth tomorrow.